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Secondly, the client who will pay the bill,

Secondly, the client who will pay the bill, there isthe problem of limiting the actual cost of the order the amount of money thathe previously allocated for visiting the restaurant. Therefore, when choosing adish, you should always remember what amount you have to avoid getting into adifficult situation. Thirdly, one more problem is the technological delay,which is necessary for preparing ordered dishes and serving the table, whichcan sometimes turn out

ch 5

a capella without instrumentals acompaniment imitation commonrepetitionin close succession and usually at different pitch levelof a melody by another voice or voices within a contrapuntal texture Joaquin des prex Composer of “ave Maria”1450-1521most influential composermember of choir at court of duke galaezzo maria sforza in million 1474went to rome worked in cardinal ascent sforzasinged in papal choir demeaned higher pay Giovanni Pierluigi da palestrina distinguished Joaquin;s successorgreater part of life

5 genres of poetry

lyric focuses on a single object, sonically intense, often short narrative tells a story dramatic Shakespeare, meant to be performed (dialog) meditative doesn’t focus on a single subject, sonically distant, often long, opposite of lyric didactic meant to instruct

Poor Clares and the Carmelites

The religious orders that I have decided to study are the “Poor Clares” and “Carmelites.” Both of these orders are contemplative orders. This means that they are isolated form the rest of the world and can have almost no contact with their friends and family. They go into these orders to have a one to one relationship with God and to pray for people in the world outside. The Carmelite

The main factors which lead British governments to follow a policy of ‘appeasement’ the period 1931- March 1938

There were many factors which led to British government following the policy of appeasement and they are split into two main categories- ideological and pragmatic. Britain appeased with Hitler for many reasons including their own problems and the pressure from other countries to appease. The pragmatic reasons were those which caused Britain to appease because the fear of them losing the war. The economic situation meant that Britain did not

Civil rights movement

Slavery engraved itself on southerners even after the Civil War in which slavery was abolished in 1865. White people still had it cemented in their minds that blacks were slaves and blacks will always be slaves. The slaves were emancipated but not in the minds of the white slave owners. In the early 1950’s the Jim Crow laws were a huge disadvantage for the blacks after the civil war. The

The American Youth Revolt Project

During the years 1945-1970, Americans enjoyed unprecedented prosperity, as rapid economic growth provided most middle class white Americans with comfortable lifestyle that was envied around the world. There was a post-war ‘baby boom’. Between 1945-1960 which increased the population by about 40 million. At the same time the gross national product (GNP), the total value of all goods and services produced in one year doubled. America was now producing half

Why was the Castle built and how was it developed

There are many reasons why Newcastle Keep was built and how it was developed. First of all we should look at the national reasons of why the castle was built, and this was basically because the Normans’ hand just conquered Britain and castles were essential to protecting this newly conquered country. There were many national reasons why the castle was built and the first of these is that it was

To what extent is Al Queda a terrorist organisation

One link to Islam is the founder, Bin Laden, were Muslims. Bin Laden was born to a wealthy Yemeni father and a Syrian mother in 1957. His father was a very religious man, and he made a fortune from the construction business and had close ties with the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. He passed on his deep religious feelings to his son, a strong member of the Islamic Faith,

The Soviet Union was to blame for the Cold War

To a certain extent I do believe the USSR were to blame for the Cold War , and really this was through no fault of there own. The main reason why the Cold War was started was because of other countries views on the USSR and what the USSR planned to do with Nazi Germany , which they decided upon because of there huge losses in both Wars and the

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