Maria Haynes

Slave Ship of the Seas

The biggest monstrosity I had ever witnessed towered over a river of other toweled heads walking down the golden beach with the strong smell of fresh fish and salt blowing in the western winds. It was bigger than the biggest fishing and carrier boat on the majestic rivers that flowed through our farmland. These white men came and robbed us. They robbed us from our families, our friends, and our

Religious Issues in Films and Religious Drama

Religious issues are often dealt with in Films and in television programmes. This has been evident in such shows as Eastenders, Sunset Beach, Star Wars and Hollyoaks. In this document I will focus on only one incident from only one television Drama. I could have chosen one of a number of issues they include issues such as the Euthanasia issue between Dot and Ethel and Cheating priest saga with Kathy

Critically evaluate the significance of Vatican II for the 21st Century Church

The Second Vatican Council was convened by Pope John XXIII in 1962 with the intention of throwing open the windows of the Church so that ‘we can see out and the people can see in’. It closed under Pope Paul VI and has repeatedly been said to be the most significant event for Catholicism in the 20th Century and beyond. The results of Vatican II were wide-ranging for Catholics but

Teaching Environment

There are a lot of negative classroom conditions that influence the teaching environment. Negative classroom conditions can influence teachers in either a good way or a bad way it all depends on what is being said in the classroom. Negative classroom conditions can cause teachers to get so angry at students and give them a punishment that they don’t deserve. The 10 Negative classroom conditions that I am going to

Natural Gas, Pollution, and Our Environment

This possible solution deals with switching from diesel as, to fuel trucks and bus fleets, to natural gas. Will discuss how this switch WOUld assist in the reduction Of air pollution and in this way help the environment. There are many types of pollution such as: smog acid rain, and greenhouse gas emissions. The causes of these pollutants include carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and nitrogen oxide, as well as various sulfur

Globalization and the Pollution

Each day we could hear new forms of pollution ND hundreds of people are becoming victims of this. As a result of globalization large number of industries were setup all over the world. For setting up Of industries newer areas had to be discovered,so people started destroying large forest lands. Rapid destruction of forests caused serious threat to both plants and animals . Many species of plants and animals have

The Dangers of Land Degradation

It is therefore essential that the soils should not be allowed to wash or blow- away more rapidly than they can be regenerated, their fertility should not be exhausted and their physical structure should remain suited to continued production of desired plant materials. Protection of land from further degradation, adoption of various conservation measures, including reclamation and scientific management of available land stock is very important for a country like

Global Warming

When we think of global warming we typically just think about how the climate change is affecting our society. We do not stop and think how the changes affect other under-developed cultures. The article discusses how many under privileged countries die a lot sooner because of climate change. Something that developed countries would not see as quickly. (Sarah Deterred, 2013) Understanding that the carbons and methane we use here in

Global Warming

The theory that global warming has anthropogenic causes has existed for over a century, and scientists have collected evidence on global warming for over fifty years. In spite of the evidence, the public generally lives in the dark, constantly wondering if global warming is fact or fiction. Global warming is the increase in the Earth’s temperature caused by increased emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (1 The greenhouse gases,

Marriage/Family/Sexuality in Contemporary China

Family and marriage life in contemporary China has changed following the conservative structure of the old traditional ways. In pre-industrial times where rural China dominated, the family adhered to strict moral conduct standards that were based on religion and law. Now, a more democratic family system is established and men and women are free and equal in the decisions they make involving family planning, marriage, and expressing sexuality. China has

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