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cummulitive exam

Read the poem below and answer the question that follows. “Love Compared”by Nizar QabbaniWhich statement describes this poem best? The poem uses imagery to show the speaker’s love. What is iambic pentameter? lines of poetry with a pattern of 10 unaccented and accented syllables What is “parody”? a work intended to imitate and make fun of another; often used in satire Why is hyperbole useful in poetry? It allows the

Types of Feet in Poetry

Iambic Foot 2 syllables, emphasis on the second syllable Trochaic Foot 2 syllables, emphasis on the first syllable Anapestic Foot 3 syllables, emphasis on the third syllable Dactylic Foot 3 syllables, emphasis on the first syllable Spondaic Foot 2 syllables, emphasis on both syllables Pyrrhic Foot 2 syllables, emphasis on neither Amphibrach Foot 3 syllables, emphasis on the second syllable Amphimacer Foot 3 syllables, emphasis on the first and third

Poem analysis Exam #1

The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner Randall SarrelThe title sets the reader up for a poem about war and death, told from the dead gunners point. The poem is told like the ball turret gunners tiny womblike enclosure in the plane and the kind of hose that would be turned on the plane to clean it. Also talks about “wet fur” as representing inside of the gunners jacket. Suggests

Poetry Vocabulary

the study of the structure of poetry prosody how poetry is built, how it’s put together structure the most condensed and concetrated form of literature poetry movement rhythm stressed or unstressed syllables in a line of poetry meter a more or less regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables metrical pattern basic unit of measurement in a line of poetry foot a foot that has one unstressed syllable followed by

Life did get better for many Americans in the 1930s

In ways Roosevelt was responsible for this but in some ways the other factors were responsible. There are two sides tot his argument as many historians have found out. Life got a great of a deal better for Americans in the 1930s, some say that Roosevelt was responsible as he contributed a great deal of making life better for many Americans during the 1930s in several ways, in the first

Physical Security

Physical Security Name: Institution: Physical Security Chapter 4: Security Survey 1. The main purpose of this chapter is to define and provide a deeper understanding of security survey, as well as what they entail. The author defines it as an examination aimed at analyzing the security status of a place, institution, or even a plant with an aim of identifying the deficiencies or risks and measures that can be used

The Organizing Function of Management

The Organizing Function of Management Name: Institution: Course: Lecturer: Date: The Organizing Function of Management The Ford Motor Company is a multinational automaker company based in Dearborn, Michigan. It was founded by Henry Ford in June 1903 and has since created many subsidiaries worldwide. It is the second largest automaker in the United States. It was also ranked fifth in the world in terms of annual vehicle sales in the


Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Theology Marriage is defined as a contract between two individuals. The definition over the years has evolved to accommodate the present same sex marriage in the contemporary society, which were non-existent in previous societies. Catholics, as evidenced by empirical studies around the world, have an acceptance of same sex marriages from a legal; perspective. Hence, as followers and constituents of same sex marriages, Catholics in a

Literary Analysis

Lit analysis0601 In multi-paragraph essay form and with reference to the excerpt from “Lives of Girls and Women,”discuss the character of Garnet, his mother, and his sisters (Lila and Phyllis). Alice Munro’s excerpt from “Lives of Girls and Women” vividly depicted the character of Garnet, the boyfriend of the speaker, his mother, and his sisters (Lila and Phyllis). From the depiction of the characters, we can realize what a happy

Solution Against Disadvantage of Using Internet

Executive Summary Banking sector is one of the constant financial institutions of a country. Due to globalization and technological changes, the give effective real time service to their customers. A country is financially rice when it has modern financial institutions of its own. These institutions play a vital role in the field of financial stability of a country. The internship report titled “The Loan operation systems of National Bank Limited.The

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