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Poetry Sentences

competition The students had a spelling ____ to see who was the best speller in the class. element Being kind and sharing are important ____ of having friends. identical All of the classrooms in the school are ____ in size. intimidated There is a boy at school who is very big and mean. He ___ me and all of my friends every day. mastered Mohammed has ___ taking tests and

Free Verse

Free Verse Poetry without regular patterns of rhyme or rhythm. Ballad A poem that tells a story and is meant to be sung or recited. Alliteration A repetition of consonat sounds at the beginning of words. Limerick A short, humorous poem composed of five lines. Haiku A traditional form of japanese poetry with three lines and the 5-7-5 Style A manner of writing; it involves how somthing is said rather

Metaphysical Poets Quiz

Time period of Metaphysical Poets (Name, Reason for Name, and Years) Jacobean Age refers to the reign of King James I: 1603-1625 Most Prominent Metaphysical Poet John Donne Reason for being called Metaphysical Samuel Johnson didn’t like these poets, and used the term disparagingly, and it stuck. (Due to Overly Clever Poetry) [Some sort of Metaphysics] Metaphysics Concerns speculations on the basic principals covering the realms of knowledge and being.

Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama and Writing – Drama

play work of storytelling in which actors represent the characters dialogue exchanges of speech pantomime (dumb show) mimed dramatic performance whose purpose is to prepare the audience for the main action of the play to follow drama form of literary composition designed for performance in the theater dramatist playwright closet drama play or dramatic poem designed to be read aloud rather than performed convention any established feature or technique in

Test 4 Music

The favorite subjects of the romantic poets were: love, longing, and nature A song form in which the main melody is repeated for two or three stanzas but introduces new or significant varied material when the text requires it is called: modified strophic Schubert and his friends organized evening gatherings of artists, writers, and musicians, called: Schubertiads In which genre was Schubert NOT indebted to Classical traditions? Lied Approximately how

6 Elements of Romantic Literature

Element 1 Belief in the individual and common man. Element 2 Love of (reverence for) nature. Element 3 Interest in the bizarre, supernatural and gothic. Element 4 Interest in the past. Element 5 Looks at the world with more than reasonable optimism (rose-colored glasses). Element 6 Faith in inner experience and the power of the imagination.

Religious Studies Coursework – Wealth and Poverty

Question a(i): Outline Christian teaching, and the teaching of one other religion, on wealth and poverty:Christians believe wealth is something that can be used for good and evil, so in itself wealth is not a bad thing. Christians can only gain money in lawful and moral ways, and when they have wealth it is a gift from God – and not theirs alone. Many biblical teachings show that if people

How true is this statement with regards to events in America

I think this statement is not true because all white people and black people were not treated equally. There are a lot of reasons why they are not treated equally: such as; black slaves were sold at auctions; black people were not allowed to go to white schools when they tried they were spit on and had eggs threw at them, this happened in the south of U.S. A. The

The boom of the 1920’s did not benefit all Americans

Not everyone did well during the boom in America. Most of the profits made by industry went to businessmen and those who had enough money to be able to buy shares and stocks. However the farming industry in America slumped as European farming recovered after the war. Also, American farmers had to compete with farmers in Argentina and Canada, as they were producing goods at cheaper wheat, and the same

Human Relations and Development

Brainstorming Name: Institutional affiliation: Date: Brainstorming The essence of brainstorming is idea generation aimed at finding solutions for various problems and predicaments. It is suitable for instances where creativity is needed since it entails redefining the problem. Creation of a free atmosphere is essential where team/group members are not afraid of criticism or censorship. There are instances enhanced by group support systems (GSS) where anonymity is preferred since less resilient

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