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Companies the time to scrutinise contracts before entering

Companies and third parties interact with one another all the time in the current commercial climate. However not too long ago third parties were at somewhat of a disadvantage in these transactions. With the fast paced nature of contractual interactions, third parties, as Kershaw remarked, will not read their opposing parties constitution unless the contract was unusually large or different in nature. This was ultimately down to lack of time

The be able to hear the contents of

The humanvoice is the organ of the soul” (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, an American poetand educator). “Your writing voice is the deepest possible reflection of whoyou are. The job of your voice is not to seduce or flatter or make well-shapedsentences. In your voice, your readers should be able to hear the contents of yourmind, your heart, your soul” (Meg Rosoff, an American writer). “Words mean morethan what is set down

Harlem By: Langston Hughes

What was the poem mainly about? a dream What was the writers dream? equality of AA with everyone What happens throughout the poem? it compares thing to a dream, and they get worse and worse throughout the poem define fester decay define sore wound what terminology was in the poem? alliteration, simile and anaphora What was the theme? dreams are always created, but dreams that seem far away start to

Chapter 14 Reading Quiz

In the Medieval period in India, the term sati meant? the wife threw herself on her mate’s funeral pyre Which of the following events in Indian history approximate events of the Western Middle Ages in Europe? the end of the Gupta dynasty to the Mongol invasion of India The devotion of an upper-caste Hindu woman to her husband was dramatically expressed in Sati, a custom by which the wife threw

Haiku and Romantic Poetry Assignment

Which statements describe haiku? Check all that apply. -The poem is three lines long.-The poem uses a kigo, a word indicating the season.-The poem is usually written in the present tense. What is the kigo in this haiku? “autumn” What motif is used in the first line of the haiku? time What motifs appear in this haiku? Check all that apply. -nature-change-renewal Which words in the poem reflect the idea


Where does Imagist poetry come from? Imagism which was a literary movement started by Ezra Pound in the early 1900s. What is Imagist Poetry? It is poetry that uses descriptive language to create word pictures for the reader (imagery). A picture is created by the reader using all of their senses. What kind of language do imagists use? They use simple language. They do not provide explanations, and use free

epic beginnings

Based on the excerpt, how will Lord Shamash most likely affect the battle with Humbaba?Lord Shamash will help both Gilgamesh and Humbaba.Lord Shamash will help neither Gilgamesh nor Humbaba.Lord Shamash will help Humbaba defeat Gilgamesh.Lord Shamash will help Gilgamesh defeat Humbaba. Lord Shamash will help Gilgamesh defeat Humbaba. What effect does Lord Shamash’s intervention have on the epic?It scares Gilgamesh and leads the audience to believe that Gilgamesh will lose.It

Human rights – abortion

The right to abortion has been recognised in the USA since 1973, following the Supreme Court decision of Roe v Wade. The decision was seven judges to two, so was a clear majority. Despite this it is still a very controversial decision that is continually facing attack, even now on its 30th anniversary. In this case the Supreme Court held that it was unconstitutional to deprive the woman of a

Russian Revolution – Bloody Sunday

At the beginning of the 20th century, the average Russian peasant worked around 10 hours a day. Famine was a constant threat, and farmers were completely unrepresented in any sort of parliament.Conditions in factories for industrial workers were extremely harsh, and little concern was shown for workers health and safety.The tsarist government’s policy of political repression brought misery to the working class. Freedom of religious and political expression was denied,

Assess the impact of the role of Paul von Hindenburg in the period following World War 1 and prior to World War 2

Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Hindenburg und Benechendorff was a German field marshal and right-wing politician. He was born into a Prussian Junker family in Posen, Prussia in 1847 being the eldest of three sons. His military interest was sparked at an early age when he attended two cadet schools in Wahlstatt and Berlin.He entered the Prussian Army and served in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 and then in the

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