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Pressure “F” is the applied force, and “A”

Pressure is defined as simply the amount of force that is appliedin a direction perpendicular to a unit of area of an object. Pressure is one ofmany properties in the study of fluid, similar to temperature, density,viscosity and more. Pressure is defined with the following equation:In the above equation, “p”represents pressure which is usually measured in SI unit of Pascal or imperialunit of psi. The “F” is the applied force,

CP poetry SOAPS

BRIDEGROOM pushkin S- a woman who witnessed a mans murder, outside narrator/spectatorO- mid 1800s (pre-arranged marriage) A- generalP- good always wins, don’t be afraid to speak up LD- allusion, imagery, dialect DANNY DEEVER kipling S- hanging Danny Deever, speaker is an outside body listening on Files-on-Parade and Color-SergeantO- about to hang Danny for shooting a comrade sleepingA- military, generalP- crime will be punished LD- dialect, imagery, anaphora MOWING frost S-

American Women in History 1

Weetamoo She held a spiritual leadership position in Wampanoag tribe of Native Americans during King Phillips War in the Early Colonial Period. She was a wife of Metacom, also called King Phillip. She drowned while trying to escape the English who sought her capture based on her powerful position. Her life serves as an example of the leadership positions open to women in Native American Society compared to British Colonial

Theme Quiz

What is the dentition of theme? The authors message about the story in a complete sentence. What is the difference between topic and theme? A topic is one or two words that sums up what the story is about while the theme is the authors message about the topic Give an example between topic and theme? i.e Ugly Duckling:Being different:It is important to except people for who they are. The

poetry set 1

Traditional Poems Follows fixed rules such as a specified number of lines. Has a regular pattern of rythym and/or rhyme Types of Traditional Poems Epic.Ode.Ballad.Sonnet.Haiku,Limerick.Villanelle. Sestina Organic Poems Does not follow established rules for form. Does not have a regular pattern of rythym and may not rhyme at all. May use unconventional spelling punctuation, and grammar Types of Organic Poems Free Verse, Concrete, shaped Closed form content fits form Open

Satan Story

Whom does Milton call upon at the beginning of the epic? What question does he ask about Adam and Eve? He calls upon the Heavenly Muse. He asks why Adam and Eve violated God’s one restriction on their freedom What is Milton’s purpose in writing this epic poem? His purpose is to affirm God’s benevolence and to explain God’s treatment of humanity Why was Satan cast out of heaven? He

Greed and desire for land were the main reason for conflict between Whites and the Native Americans

Greed and desire for land were the main reasons for conflict between the white population of America and the Native American Indians. They could not mutually agree, as they both wanted the best for themselves. The Native Americans didn’t trust the whites and the Whites didn’t trust the Native Americans. During this period the white population of America was growing very quickly as people both emigrated to the US and

Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (a) Case Study

1. Describe the mistakes that the chamber has made since the implementation of the Unitrak software – since the Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (A) case study. A. Prior to the implementation of Unitrak, Lassiter thought Unitrak had the software capabilities of help MSCC’s information system problems. Lassiter allowed the lack of “time” to be the guiding factor concerning the decision making of adapting the system. He, alone, was not qualified

Anna This is where the idea of vaccinations

Anna McGillis                                                                                                            1-18-18 IMMUNE SYSTEMPROJECT                                                              Period 6, SLS43-10As early as A.D 1000, people in India, China, andAfrica would expose themselves to mild cases of smallpox in order to acquireimmunity for the disease. This is where the idea of vaccinations firstoriginated. It has been theorized that vaccination has been around for manycenturies in ancient civilizations such as China, India, and Persia in 1000B. C. They used a

Different educators and understudies, standard learning exercises, the

Different parts of learning add to theachievement of the hidden curriculum, including hones, methods, tenets,connections, and structures. Many school-particular sources, some of whichmight be incorporated into these parts of learning, offer ascent to imperativecomponents of the hidden curriculum. it’s important to note that sources mayincorporate, however are not constrained to, the social structures of theclassroom, the instructor’s activity of specialist, rules representing theconnection amongst educators and understudies, standard learning exercises,

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