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Education and play

In this assignment I am required to complete an 1000-1200 word assignment I am required to: critique one example of outdoor equipment, indoor play space and materials the age and stage of development it is most relevant to the type and stage of play it is linked to the value in relation to children’s development the role of the adult reference to theorist how cultural background should be considered Critique

A Moral Reading

Aesop’s fables are tales of moral value. They introduce to the reader things not to do, and how to get out of certain situations. The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer follows along the same lines. Each character in the book has moral values that are looked down upon, with everything from polygamy, to dishonesty and cheating. An unmoral act or having unmoral qualities is something which is looked down upon

The male and female brain

“Men and women have different brains so they also have different skills and capacities” In this essay, we shall explore to what extent male and female brains are different, and whether it has an impact on our physical and psychological skills. Ever since their existence, men and women have had fundamentally different physical capacities. Indeed, men have always had superior physical capacities, and have hence been attributed more demanding tasks,

“True pilgrimage involves a journey of the heart, not a physical journey”

To what extent is this a valid comment on pilgrimage and how might someone who has completed a pilgrimage respond to this comment? (15 marks)This is in some ways a valid comment and in others not a valid comment. On the one hand it is valid as much of religion is spiritual and concerning the heart but on the other hand there are also many physical parts to religion, the

Teen suicide

Recently, reporters said that there is a soar on teen suicide In Hong Kong. However It Is a taboo topic In Chinese culture as there Is a Chinese saying that our whole body Is come from our parents, we can not hurt It. Teen seclude can cause a lot of problems, and we need to find some solutions to alleviate It. Teenagers are now under high pressure in the new

Technology in action- page

Technology In Action Page 49 Homework assignment week 4 Critical thinking question #1 I think computers will continue to advance. With the future Innovations on The road ahead Computers will continue to Improve our quality of life. I hope that Artificial Intelligence (A. L. ) becomes more advanced. Some of the things I hope can Be constructed are A. I. With enhanced characteristics such as personality traits. Voice recognition that


Solubility of Organic Compounds Objectives: understanding the relative solubility of organic compounds in various solvents. Exploration of the effect of polar groups on a monopoly hydrocarbon skeleton. Introduction: The solubility of a solute (a dissolved substance) In a solvent (the dissolving medium) is the most Important chemical principle underlying three major techniques you will study in the organic chemistry laboratory: crystallization, extraction, and chromatography.In this experiment on solubility you will


I area of interest in which you’d like to pursue my career is In the electronics sector you could work in roles such as design engineering which is designing a product or component prior to launch or applications engineering which Is supporting a product for Its entire life.The latest trends In workplace environment Is the Innovative of product solutions since most of the Jobs are overseas Its better to invent

Pollution in Dubai

This report includes all the necessary and required details which make this project useful and advantageous for learners. Further will look forward to when this report will be marked and checked. Thank you for the opportunity for letting me participate in this process. Yours very truly, EX. Table of Contents Executive Summary: 3 Introduction: 4 Assumptions and Methods: 5 Project Scope: 6 Limitations: 6 Background Problem: 6Survey Information: 7 Participants:

Trees: Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming

Conducts electricity when there’s thunder. A disadvantage of cutting down a tree is that trees supply our air with oxygen. Cutting down trees does reduce the oxygen level in our atmosphere; only one would not greatly impact anything though. We live on the oxygen that is in your atmosphere but trees are not the only supplier of that. There are several other contributors but am not fully aware with how

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