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Last updated: December 19, 2019

Authors New Architecture/ Model Technology Emergency Aid Multi-device Application Punit Gupta, Deepika Agrawal No Wi-fi, 3G, GPRS Yes Yes System proposed to give proper and efficient medical services by collecting and connecting data through health status. It enables users to improve health related risks and reduce healthcare costs. Abhilasha Ingole, Shrikant Ambatkar No Raspberry Pi, Wi-fi No Yes The proposed model is designed for the medical data, access and store data. Augustus E. Ibhaze, MNSE, Francis E.

Idachaba Yes GSM, GPRS, GPS Yes Yes The proposed system provides heart rate, temperature, location of the patient at anytime and anywhere. Prosanta Gope and Tzonelih Hwang Yes GPRS Yes Yes Model proposed to interpret and get IOT data emergency data handling and data sharing with doctors. Kaleem Ullah,Munam Ali Shah Yes RFID No Yes Model proposed to provide a platform for accessing patient’s health data by using smartphones and body sensors.

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A.Divya, K.Keerthana, N.Kiruthikanjali,G. Nandhini and G.

Yuvaraj Yes GSM Modem Yes Yes This system is for transmitting the data through the webpage for continuous monitoring of the patient over internet. Meria M George,Nimmy Mary Cyriac,Sobin,Mathew,Tess Antony Yes Arduino, Ethernet shield No Yes This model can be used for continuously monitoring using different sensors. It gives alerts in case of emergencies. Duddela Dileep Kumar & Pratti Venkateswarlu Yes GSM Module Yes Yes This model proposed to interprete data and to provide real time monitoring of the healthcare parameter.

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