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Authors uses these typesof literary conventions for a reason. These literary conventions, especiallytone and syntax, can allow the intended audience to fully understand theauthor’s purpose and it can help the piece of work, itself, flow better.

Without literary conventions, many novels, short stories, and poems would beremarkably boring, and it will be hard for the intended audience to try toanalysis a piece of work like that. All literature would be the same. The Things They Carried:Summary:            The Things TheyCarried, by Tim O’Brien, is a numberof short stories about a platoon of American soldiers that fought in theVietnam War. This book isn’t actually a novel, it is a collection of shortstories, but it remains loyal to its themes and characters.

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It was published onMarch 28, 1990 after the Vietnam War. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross’ platoon was agroup of vastly young men, whom where every unprepared for this war. Theycarried a multitude of heavy military equipment, a variety of possessions thatreminded them of home, and a vast range of emotions (such as confusions,distress, fear, hopelessness, and etc.).

The narrator, Tim O’Brien, addresseseach story about his friends in his platoon. There are many chapters, withinteresting and fascinating titles, about each of his friends in his platoonand how some of them didn’t make it to the end. Many strange things happened tothe soldiers while in Vietnam, and this made them lose all hope and their senseof justice. The book ended in a very unique way, which allowed the readers tounderstand his life before the war.Analysis:            The Things TheyCarried portrays how the Vietnam War affected each solider.

The author setforth the major themes of responsibility, mental escape, conflict, memories,and acceptance. The short story collection is narrated in third person limited,this allows the readers to understand the main character’s thoughts andemotions. O’Brien uses verisimilitude, syntax, and diction/tone to exploit theperspective that reveals the conditions of war the soldiers faced whilefighting it. He allows for one character, narrator Tim O’Brien, to narrate thestory because he believes that the story of war can be told from an actualsolider who experienced every minute and hour of it. He believes this is thebest way for his intended audience to completely acknowledge the conditions ofwar. Works Cited Page “Vietnam War.”, A TelevisionNetworks, 2009,        www.”Overview of the Vietnam War.” Digital History, 2016,

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