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Autumn’s Argumentative OutlineClaim:  A Believe that Children Shouldn’t have an Allowance.Thesis: When children get an allowance, it can lead to problems in the future, and reflect on them also.Paragraph #1 Introduction:Do you remember your parents giving you money for doing chores? If you did, your not a bad person, but there are effects. An allowance can ruin things for yourself and your future. They are lifelong and you might not have so of these things but others do.Paragraph #2Reason 1: The Effects When giving a child an allowance it can affect them in many ways. Children can become greedy for money, and brag. Some children will brag about their money and will make the child upset.

Also, children who don’t get an allowance have a better way to spend their money when they are older, or as an adult. This does not mean that you’re a bad person.  Children can buy very unsafe things in this world and some of those things are drugs.46% children with an allowance buy drug, or get some from adults, or when they beg you for a toy. Some children will be like,”I’ll pay you back if you buy me that toy.” “Okay, it is $15:00.” You buy the toy and you get home. You expect the $15.

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00 would be sitting on the counter but it is not there. Yay, you just bought a free toy for your child.  Children can buy other things that will drive you nuts. When they get olderWhen they get older, they won’t get money for doing housework, unless that is their job. Also, money isn’t the best gift to give I child.

They are not that engaged in doing the work and half slashing chores.  Half slashing chores mean that they will not fully finish them. Like doing the dishes, they could just load it and not get the food off the plate. Then you’re just giving away free money to your child.  an allowance can make your child lazy anyway. It might motivate them in the beginning but then they get lazier.

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