Average among young people and therefore should be

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Last updated: May 13, 2019

Average interpersonal social skills were observed for the overall interpersonal social skills and its components which were listening skills, emotional intelligence, verbal communication and effective speaking, and communicating in groups. This study showed result of total mean value of interpersonal social skills (62.10%), listening skills (58.64%), emotional intelligence (60.54%), verbal communication and effective speaking (58.38%) and the highest mean value was communicating in groups (68.

66%). Based on Erawan (2010), interpersonal relationship and communication skills was defined as the capability to communicate or had relationship with the others and ability to seek for cooperation. There were many research literature that indicated that life skills education was crucial among young people and therefore should be developed. Finding from this study, showed that most of respondents developed interpersonal social skills which aids them to communicate effectively, make proper decisions, and develop coping and self-management skills that lead to a successful and productive life. The result of this study revealed that emotional intelligence was the second most leading interpersonal social skills for public in Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Perak. This was consistent with study done by Erawan (2010) which coping with emotions stressors was one of the main life skills area.

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Effective communication means that we were able to express ourselves, both verbally and nonverbally, in ways that fit our cultures and situations. Interpersonal relationship skill helps us to relate in positive ways with the people we interact with (Erawan, 2010). This corresponds with this study that showed communicating in groups had highest percentage compare to other domains Nonetheless, the result was contrasted with a study done by Al-Alawneh (2011). In their study, they found out that educators had perception of students lacked in effective interpersonal communication skills due to poor education. Thus, in this study high interpersonal social skills might be influenced by respondent’s educational backgrounds as most of respondents were knowledgeable. Most students nowadays often do not realize that they lacked of interpersonal communication skills necessary to progress and be successful. In Goleman’s (1998) book, he expressed that a high-ranking MBA program’s graduates and lack of interpersonal communication skills.

 As conclusion, education provided increment in skills development as most of respondents were educated thus had good outcome on interpersonal social skills. These qualities are of great importance in the adoption of technological devices and in the promotion of knowledge generation and innovation. 

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