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 (awk1127, 2017) Noted that becauseof tourism, Jamaica has transformed from a disease-ridden hellhole to aparadise for wealthy, white tourists. Coping with this growing tourismindustry, Jamaica’s government enacted laws and created Jamaican TouristAssociation.

These new laws and associations supported tourism and supportedinvestors seeking to invest in hotels and other tourist sitesJAMAICA DESCRIPTIONOF JAMAICAWHERE IS JAMAICATHE MAP BELOW SHOWSTHE LOCATION OF JAMAICAThe island ofJamaica is the third largest Caribbean island. It is in A group of islandscalled the Greater Antilles. It has an area of 10 991 Km squared or 4244 sq. miles. Jamaica spans 230 km east to west and from 80-36 from northto south. It is third only to Cuba, which is the largest, And Hispaniolawhich is the second largest island.

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Jamaica lies in the Caribbean Seawhich is a part of the much larger Atlantic ocean. The Island is 960 kmsouth of Florida, 160 km southwest of Haiti, and 140 km South of Cuba. Jamaicais mainly a mountainous island but there are 320 km of fine Sandy beaches,swamps, moist fern- forests, sprawling open plains, plateaus, Rushing rivers,and magnificent waterfalls. The country is divided into three counties. Theyare Cornwall to the West, Middlesex is central, and Surrey is to the east. THE CAPITAL OF JAMAICA THE FOLLOWING SHOWSTHE CAPITAL CITY OF JAMAICAThe map above shows the location ofKingston Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica.

Ithas a population of 937,700, and is located on a latitude of 18 and longitudeof -76.79.Kingston is also the political centre ofJamaica, which is considered a Constitutional Monarchy, and home to itsCeremonial head of state (WORLDATLAS, 2015) MOST POPULAR CITIES IN JAMAICA  Rank City Population 1 Kingston 937,700 2 New Kingston 583,958 3 Spanish Town 145,018 4 Portmore        102,861 5 Montego Bay 82,867 HOW THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT INSPECIFIC GEOGRAPHIC REGIONS CONSTITUTES AN IMPORTANT TOURISM RESOURCEFor approximately over 65 million years,the island of Jamaica has evolved, from volcanic origins through to latercarbonate deposition, tectonic uplift and faulting, all resulting in itspresent day character and form.Jamaica boasts a rich natural heritagearising from the diverse range of ecosystems created by the country’s variedtopography, geology, and drainage. These ecosystems include wet and dryforests, rivers, caves, mineral springs, sandy beaches, rocky shores, herbaceousswamps, mangrove swamps, swamp forests, and Salinas. For example the BlueMountains, green Otto caves etc.

(Lyew-Ayee.Jr, 2012) Says meek natural splendourcome in the forms of beaches and landscape décor, with pristine white sandbeaches, the product of erosion of limestone and composed of many shell andcoral fragments; to the rugged and misty landscapes of the Blue Mountains andthe Cockpit Country, the former featuring a tropical rainforest ecosystem, thelatter a dry limestone forest, with both regions associated with significantwater systems such as the Rio Grande, Black River and Martha Brae River.Hurricanes, which are not directly spawnedby the physical island of Jamaica, generate storm surges, which have continuallydevastated communities in Old Harbour Bay, Rocky Point, Portland Cottage andCaribbean Terrace in Harbour View, where settlements have developed in distinctlylow-lying coastal plains, some at the mouths of rivers which are now tourismdestinations TOURISM IN JAMAICA JAMAICA’S NATURAL WONDERSTopographically the most complete andvaried of all the Caribbean islands, Jamaica offers sumptuous vegetation,waterfalls, and mountain trails, sun-drenched beaches and golf courses.Jamaica’s natural beauty can be experienced at a number of attractions aroundthe island.   THE FOLLOWING TABLE SHOWS THE NATURALWONDERS IN JAMAICA AND THEIR DESCRIPTION  NATURAL WONDER DESCRIPTION BLUE MOUNTAINS (attractions, 2012) Describes the blue mountains as the largest in Jamaica.

It is the longest range spanning 28miles across the eastern section of the country.   GREEN GROTTO CAVES It is located in the discovery bay on the Northern coast of Jamaica. Their name comes from the green algae that dots the inner walls. Its innermost cavern has crystal clear underground lake.   SOMERST FALLS Located in the A4, just a few minutes due west from Port Antonio.

    JAMAICA’S HISTORICAL SITES THEDEVON HOUSEIt is located in the parish of St. Andrewand Has a historical building with the 19thcentury architecture. According to (LonelyPlanet, 2017) the house was builtin 1881 by George Stiebel.

Antique lovers will enjoy the visit, highlights ofwhich include some very ornate porcelain chandeliers. Note the trompe l’oeil ofpalms in the entrance foyer and the roundabout chairs, designed to accommodatea man wearing a sword.  MORANTBAY COURTHOUSEStands as an important reminder of one of the most poignant events inthe country’s past. Its main structure was destroyed by fire in 2007 leavingonly the brick walls of Paul Bogle which stood at the front of the court house (Clarke, 2015). Morant bay has astony gut monument, court house, reggae fall (swimming hole) and a long boarderwhich has a bar, restaurant and surf spot.

NATIONAL HEROES PARK Botanical garden locatedin Kingston. It is popularly known for its shrine of monuments for Jamaica’snational heroes. Tourists go there to pay tribute to Jamaica’s fallen heroesand it is a perfect place for relaxation, playing games and there is a playarea for children.     CONCLUSIONJamaica is commonly known as the land ofwood and water.

It has a lot of tourism sites both man-made and natural and themajor tourism destinations are Montego Bay and Ocho Rio. It is a firmlyestablished centre for tourists from North America. Even though Jamaica isassociated with catastrophes, the earthquakes, hurricanes and all the otherdisasters, the land devastation form remarkable land marks, for example thecity of Port Royal was devastated by an earthquake in 1907 which left a lastingarchitectural legacy.      

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