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Last updated: September 25, 2019

Axiata is one of the main telecommunications group with around 320million subscribers in Asia which includes Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia,Bangladesh and etc.

On 12 June 1992, Axiata was incorporated as a privatelimited company under the name of Telekom Malaysia International (TMI). Lately,TMI was demerged from Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) and listed on BursaSecurities on 28 April 2008. TMI had changed its name to Axiata Group Berhadand launched a new logo in March 2009. Axiata comes with a new identity whichis enhancing its position as a leading mobile operator within Asia.  Axiata has controlling interest in sixmobile operators and the brand name in Malaysia is called ‘Celcom’. InMalaysia, Celcom is the pioneer in the field of mobile telecommunicationscompany with the widest coverage in the country. It has covering 95% and 90% ofthe population with its 2G and 3G networks respectively and now Celcom alsowith close to 4,800 4G LTE sites. Every mobile service provider their firstvision is to become the country’s best mobile service provider so Celcom might needto continue invest in network coverage, capacity and performance to maintainits technology leadership and position.

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Celcom provides prepaid and postpaidmobile services to around 11 million subscribers. Celcom has cooperated with sixMVNOs partners which is an important alternative channel for Celcom and its providingadditional channels to market and covering niche segments with strong growthpotential for servicing niche consumer segments. Key highlights of Celcom areextremely challenging year due to internal and external issues, strong datatraffic growth of 105% and 4G covering 76% of the population.A business philosophy is a set of principles that a companystrives to work toward and thebusiness philosophy of Axiata Group Berhad is to address the unfulfilledcommunication needs of local populations in the region with an affordable andinnovative digital products and services.

Axiata Group Berhad creates a visionwhich is to be a New Generation Digital Champion by 2020. Axiata Group Berhadhad groups together with their innovation, connectivity and talents throughtheir operating companies to improve their company structure in order toachieve their goal. Axiata Bhd has a management team groupwith 14 group members, and all of this group members are professional and haveexcellent working experience so they can help Axiata Bhd to perform well. Sincethis management team members all are in different nation, so they can launch anew product or service depends on the country current situation, and canexchange each other country information in order to launch a new product orservice to gain a maximum profit and increase company reputation. 

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