B. do things which he knows it is

B. Both immoral and amoral are antonyms of moral.
What is the difference in meaning

= Immoral is literally translated as
not moral, unmoral or non-moral but in a way, that purposely violating accepted rules of
right and wrong or deliberately against moral. Moreover,
it can mean being wicked or evil

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 For example,
when you say that someone is immoral it means
that the person does a lot of things that are not morally acceptable. He does
things that are positively wrong. Moreover, he has a conscience which mean he continues to do things which he knows it
is wrong and should not done it such as, stealing car,
cheating exam. This
word has more of a negative meaning than amoral because amoral
means  neither moral nor immoral or lacking
a moral sense or a conscience;
don’t know what
is wrong and what is right, not
aware the difference between right and wrong or not
concerned with morals and doesn’t believe in right and wrong or has not accepted the normal
restrictions or the moral standards set by society to which he could be
judged and not influenced by right and wrong
but they’re not necessarily hurting anybody. This can also include those
who don’t have the ability to know the rules or set guidelines of morality
For example, infants
could be said to be amoral since
they have not yet developed the brain capacity to understand right and wrong.  Children who don’t have experience to decide
what is right or wrong. Some extreme sociopaths are also amoral, since they lack a conscience as a result of a
cognitive disorder. To sum up, an immoral person has a sense of right and
wrong but fails to live up to those moral standards so immoral things are bad. In contrast,
an amoral person has no sense of right and wrong and doesn’t recognize any
moral standard so amoral things are either
neutral from a moral perspective or simply removed from moral considerations.





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