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Last updated: May 14, 2019

Babiesare still a big business for selling plush, but adult also contributes large amounts. The usage differsaccording to various age groups like adults may use as a show-piece in-houseor inside the car whereas kids play withit. Ifwe talk about product development process. Before decades, the plush toys werepurely hand woven and had only small to medium size with limited color choice,but as time pass and advancement in technology which leads to the perfectionand accuracy in making. For example, perfect shape, size, color is massproduced, new designs are implemented according to customer preferences, trendresearch, character trends etc.

But plush has now attacked the internet.Webkinz, rich toys made by Ganz, accompany mystery codes that enable childrento enter the internet and embrace their picked pets on the web, improve theirpets’ online rooms and play diversions.Chessis a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboardwhere each player moves 16 pieces as indicated by settled standards over acheckerboard and tries to checkmate the rival’s the best. TheStaunton configuration presented in 1849 by Jacques of London turned into thestandard required for focused Chess amusements. In the product developmentprocess during discovery the pieces were plain, but These werereplaced by detailed sets depicting royalty, warriors, and animals. The rawmaterials they use like wood, clay, glass, ivory is now replaced with plastic.The handmade pieces are replaced with automated machine-making.

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The innovativeideas are constantly being developed and implemented by industries where 3Dchess, Magnetic chess, a different color boardwhere black and white is replaced with other colors etc. is made instead ofplain chess. Withthe advancement of digital technology and product design, the tangible chess issubstituted with mobile application game where people can play with otheropponent/computer or play online without the actual physical chess board. Overthe past decade has made an age of advanced locals for whom the gap amongstvirtual and real-life play is insignificant. This has prompted significantchanges popular for toys and games, forcing manufacturers to incorporate smartfeatures into their product lines. Chessmaster game was developed for MS Windows, PSP, PS2, Xbox 360 and mobile(iPhone)where whole new product platform was developed without different concepts,ideas, design and constantly updating the game with new versions forimprovements.

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