Babies you. Walking into the abortion clinic there is

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Babies are dying all over the world, because of a horrendous act that mothers are performing. This act is abortion. Now, imagine your own life taking a gruesome turn of events. Your mother has just found out she is pregnant with you, and she decides she does not want you.

Walking into the abortion clinic there is a void. Instead of bringing babies into this world they are being mercilessly taken. Before your mother knows it the abortion is over. You no longer have future or a voice. Your life is no over. How horrible is it to think if this truly was your reality.

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You would want someone to advocate for your life. You would not want your mother to make this decision. Some people think that it is an easy way to escape the result of their actions, or they have an abortion for their personal convenience, but not for the baby’s convenience.

The babies are having to suffer an atone for their parents choices. The percentage of annual abortions in the United States of America is continuing to increase and this act is unethical. Abortion is is unscrupulous and deplorable, because abortion is murder, life begins at conception, and women who become pregnant should take full responsibility for their actions. Firstly, abortion is murder and this despicable act is going on throughout the world without people understanding that they are taking the life of an innocent human being. The killing of an innocent human life is not acceptable and should not be tolerated. The baby has no say in whether he or she lives or dies. The baby has life and should not have their life taken from them by a choice that is beyond their control. A human life starts when the egg is fertilized by the sperm which means that abortion is a violation of human rights (Jarlenski Marian).

If the human has not been born it is still considered to have life by the U.S. government. “The Federal Unborn Victims Violence Act, which was enacted to protect unborn children from assault and murder states under federal law, that anybody intentionally killing or attempting to kill an unborn child should be punished for intentionally killing or attempting to kill a human being.The act also mentions that an unborn child is still a member of the species homosapiens”(“Should Abortion Be Legal?”).

When an adult is murdered people do not comfort the killer by telling them that it is acceptable and that they only took their future of value. When an  an unborn baby’s  is taken they are being robbed of  their future of value just like when an adults life is taken they are being robbed of their future of value when they are murdered. An adult doesn’t have any more future of value than a fetus does. They have the same amount of a life full of worth ( Belvedere, Berny).

All human beings will always have the same amount of value to live and grow up and have the same opportunities. Abortion takes away a life that could have been lived to the fullest. When mothers make this decision they are only assessing how it will affect their life not the unborn baby’s. When mothers make this decision they are only thinking of themselves and they are only thinking about how it will affect their life and not how it will affect the unborn baby’s life.

Just because a baby is living inside the womb does not indicate it has less value.When an abortion occurs the baby is in the womb and people think that it is acceptable to kill this human being by simply taking a pill to kill the baby or having a surgical abortion. Right after this baby comes out of the womb and someone sticks a knife in its chest they would get charged with first degree murder (Shapiro,Ben). If  a baby is killed in the womb it is considered a human right, but outside of the womb it is considered homicide and severe punishment will be warranted by the law for committing this crime. There is no difference between considering it a human right when killing the baby inside the womb or killing the baby outside of the womb.

The baby’s rights are just as paramount as the mothers rights. The killing of these babies sends a message that it is acceptable to murder these innocent human beings, and that they have little to zero value. This allows our minds to think that human life is disposable simply if it is inconvenient. Human lives are not disposable at any point in their existence. Secondly, life begins at conception, which means that when the egg is fertilized by the sperm a human has been created. Many people do not understand that this is the time when life begins. When fertilization occurs a human being with its very own individuality, own blood type, and distinct features begins to emerge.

On day one the chromosomes are present and a unique individual is formed. This baby is now a member of the species of Homo Sapiens. (“When Human Life Begins.

“).  This baby is now unique and its life should not be taken lightly. Now, this human has its very own genetic identity that will not be changed throughout its life. This human has its very own individual right to live. This precious life should be protected. (“Should Abortion be Legal?). The baby hits milestones throughout its life.  Just at day 22 the child’s heart is beating and pumping their very own blood (Shapiro,Ben).

 Now, all this baby needs is the formal environment to grow and develop and gain the opportunity to live a life. Once, the sperm fertilizes the egg a human life has been created.The taking away of this baby’s life is a violation of human rights. Many people believe that aborting a baby before it is a born is just getting rid of a cluster of cells, but when a baby is aborted a cluster of cells is not being aborted a fetus that has life and has had life since conception is being aborted.Those cells are alive and contain specific genetic information for a human being. There is no point in gestation that the fetus is not considered a human. These special lives should be handled with care and responsibility.   If women get pregnant they should take full responsibility and not participate in unnecessary actions.

There are many ways to prevent pregnancy. They include, the use of condoms, birth control, or simply abstinence. People know that they are at risk of getting pregnant when they have unprotected sexual intercourse. There is always that possibility of getting pregnant when the necessary precautions are not taken. They need to accept and understand the consequences and outcomes of their actions. The baby should in no way be punished for a choice made by their parents.

The parents should take full responsibility and take different measures than taking a human life to manage the aftermath of their actions The two options that should be chosen are either adoption or keeping the baby to raise themselves.  When the mother does not use protection it leaves her the duty of caring for that fetus. It is unethical to murder a baby simply for convenience.

The mothers are showing that they are using abortion as a contraceptive method. They were using it in place of birth control or other protection from getting pregnant (“Should Abortion be Legal?”). The mother thinks about how it will affect her life, but it all could have been prevented if she would have used the necessary precautions that are there specifically used for pregnancy prevention. A pregnancy is not all about the effects on the mother, but the baby also.  The hard decision to abort a baby does not involve just one body but two, the baby and the mother. When a woman says it is her body so it is her choice she is completely ignoring the facts of medical science and the facts of life  (Fisher, Brian). The mothers do not take the whole picture into perspective and do not realize all the responsibility that comes with having a child. They need to take full responsibility for their personal actions.

Babies should have a choice, because they are a living being that has rights no matter what week of gestation.In addition, many people argue that abortion is not murder, because a pregnancy is not viable up until the 24 week mark. The last week that an abortion is available is at the 20 week mark.  Hillary clinton believes that a baby can be killed  up to 30-32 weeks. At this point that baby is fully formed and could come into the world and live any minute (Shapiro, Ben). This is a human being that can come out of the womb and live and breathe all on its own.  The pro-choice community believes that embryos and fetuses are not independent beings, so an abortion is the termination or a pregnancy not a baby (“Should Abortion be Legal?”).

This being said, if a human being is in a coma or dependent on a pacemaker to run their heart can they kill that human being?  That human is not independent they need those resources to help them survive. That human needs machines to keep them alive and a baby needs a human body to keep them alive, so they can grow and develop. There is no difference between the two, so abortion is murder of a human being not just an embryo. Another reason is the controversy over whether life begins at conception or not, so if it does not begin at conception and it begins at the 20 week mark then abortion is not murder.There are people who do not believe the baby is alive even until the umbilical cord is cut (Luhrmann Tanya).The fetus is not just a cluster of cells.

If someone has an abortion the baby is being murdered inside of the womb but if they pull the baby out of the womb and kill it then the person can be charged with murder and being severely punished with time in prison. Ben Shapiro said, ” No one has a right to choose abortion, it is a baby and you can not kill it just for your own convenience.” The baby is still a human whether in the womb or not. It is not a human right to be able to kill another human being in the womb, because in seconds that they pull that human being out it is a crime. The baby does not have any rights and by aborting that human their rights are being taken away and the mother is putting her rights first. Ben also says, “You get to choose a lot of things in life, but you do not get to choose another humans death and that no one has a right to choose abortion, it is a baby and you can not kill it just for your own convenience.”  People also argue and say that the brain waves are undetectable until the 20th week of gestation, but if someone is in a medically induced coma and they are brain dead and it is known they will wake up in a few weeks would you kill them?” (Shapiro, Ben). There is no explanation for when it is acceptable to abort a baby it is never “just” a cluster of cells.

It may just be a cluster of cells, but you  are a cluster of cells, so abortion is not justifiable. Mothers can not always have this reason to fall back on when they make a mistake. It is in no way fair and they are only considering their own convenience. Cluster of cells or how ever you want to look at it that cluster of cells is still a human being and that is not up for debate.   Abortion is wrong and it is murder, because life does begin at conception and they need to take responsibility for their actions. Abortion is not a human right. Killing an innocent human being is not a right.

No one has a right to kill a human being without being severely punished.  People need to take responsibility for their actions and not use abortion as their “Get out of jail free” card. These are real human lives that are being considered. This is not a game.

The right these babies have is a right for a life. Everyone has the right for life, liberty, and freedom.

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