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Last updated: July 22, 2019

Bachelor of Cyber SecurityCyber security is the practice of protecting the system from cyber attacks and ensuring the safety of the hardware , data and the software from vulnerabilities .Bachelors of cyber security helps you in understanding the vulnerabilities in a system and also how to prevent the system from being breached.

 Bachelors of  Cyber security is also know as Bachelors of  IT security is a study that teaches you about the tools and system used to monitor , migrate and prevent online attacks or threats.U.S.

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having the highest number of records for data breaches, the demand for cyber security has increased rapidly among various IT professions  including career in tech , banking , finance and also in government agencies.Bachelor of  cyber security includes the fundamental of network designing , its implementation and how to administrate the networks to satisfy the organisational goals.RequirementsYou must have an associate degree or equivalent degree in information technology , computer science , or any equivalent or related fields Universities may require you to have scored 90- 120 semester credits upon graduationYou must provide the university with all the official transcripts.Many universities ask you to submit all the official documents regarding your previous educationeligibilityyou must be 21 years old of age or moreUniversities may ask you to submit your GRE and/or GPA score result upon enrolment Universities may ask you to submit your Official GED certificate You must meet the university minimum proficiency requirements in English and keyboard set by the universityFew universities may also ask you to submit your TOEFL , IELTS, ACCUPLACER and Cambridge English Scale resultsSubjects : • Cyber Security • Information Assurance • Information Security • Information Systems SecurityCurriculum  • Introduction to Computer Systems • Introduction to Operating Systems • Introduction to Programming • Statistics • Critical Reading and Expository Writing • Introduction to Psychology • Networks and Telecommunications • Introduction to Linux Systems • Programming with Python • Database Applications • Introduction to Cyber Security • Technical Writing • Project Management • Economics • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity • Risk Management • Cryptography • Information Assurance • Artificial Intelligence • Systems Analysis and Design • Computer Architecture • Website Administration • Windows Operating Systems and Administration • Ethics • Network Security • Operating Systems Security • Audit/Compliance • Ethical Hacking and Systems Defense • Computer Forensics • Advanced Network Management • Firewall and Perimeter Security • Policy Analysis and Implementation • Senior Project/Internship

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