Background person is imperative in anyone canacquire. We

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Background of the studyEducation is the passport to the future.

As we get older, knowledge is being constructedbut it can never be replaced by anyone. The literacy of a person is imperative in anyone canacquire. We prevail in the Institute for us to gain more learning and shape our ability and skills.

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A student is subjected to finish his/her studies, especially with flying colors. There are plenty ofreasons why a student must finish his/her studies for there are so many places to go, food to eatand people to help. However, everybody has different perspectives on what a person could be inthe future someday. Choosing the legitimate career is one of the decisive things that a studentmust decide and serve as his path in taking his step towards his career.

This could be equipped todetermine the success of his life in the next stages. Through choosing a career anybody hisdesired job and portray his excellence in his skills that suits his capability. On the other hand,Philippines involve in miscellaneous crisis and one forth social issue is poverty and its people areconfronted and aware of it thus it needs passionate and determined workers in affecting anindustry.In January 2013, the Philippines has 7.1% deflation rate, the highest in the countries fromthe Southeast Asian nations and from which are college graduates.

(Pascual, 2014) Majority ofthe institutions of higher education wasn’t being liable to produce progress that is needed toanticipate in the demand of the present economy. Since the graduates don’t possess the essenceprescribed by the industry due to the lack of a proper guidance that must be attained to choosethe appropriate courses in college to suites the person who actively learning’s ability. A misfitgraduate is one concerning the reasons why our country has a tremendous unemployment rate.This could be the wrong choice of course taken by the college students tend to improperguidance in choosing the right course.The authority of institution used to find ways to lessen this problem towards our society;to implement a K-12 program of the academic system, specifically in the Department ofEducation need to gain the accretion of graduates before they reach the college level. SecondarySchool is two yearn for specialized upper secondary education (Official Gaze, 2012) SHS is apreparation for a college level to explore and plan for their postsecondary career options whereasthere are some factors that can affect and change the views of your perception in setting goals.Students may choose their specialization based on their skills and intellect capacity this wouldbenefit the students to ensure and get into the right career served as a stepping stone toestablishing on their chosen pilgrimage.

Moreover, it indicates that one of the objectives of theDepartment of Education to promote the people who actively learning in educational success as aconsequence qualify the adequacy competence that needed to the workforce of companies andinstitutions.This research aims to determine the aspects that affect the career preferences regardingthe select students in Valencia National High School.Statement of the problemThis study is to identify the factors in affecting Senior High School Student’s in choosingthe right courses for their preparation in college, these certain general questions need to beaddressed:1. What factors influenced the students when they made the decision to pursue a particular careergoal?2. Is the K-12 curriculum would help the students to make a decision for preparing collegecourse?Theoretical Framework2.

1 G-12 Decision makingsThere are a lot of courses that we may choose in choosing our career. For the Grade 12students, there are some instances that they pick not for their own likes but they choose it forbeing sociable and they would not let their friends get mad, factors influence decision making.Some of these factors, including your past experience (Juliusson, Karlsson, &G?rling, 2005)belief in your personal relevance (Acevedo, & Krueger, 2004), and a rapid increase ofcommitment, influence what are the choices of people make. Understanding the factors thatinfluence the making of decisions process is very important for us to understand what decisionsare made.

That is, following factors that influence the process of making decisions may impactthe outcomes.2.2 Career choice factorsThere are a lot of affecting factors in choosing preferred careers.

The Government used tofind ways to lessen problems in our society; to implement a K-12 program of the educationalsystem, specifically in the Department of Education. This need to gain the accretion of graduatesbefore they reach the college level, Senior High School is two years of specialized uppersecondary education (Official Gaze, 2012). Luck plays a major part: unpredictable social factors,chance events, and environmental factors are important influences on graduate’s lives.

Conceptual FrameworkThere are some different factors that are either it could be directly or indirectly affects thecareer preferences of Senior High School students. The focus of this study was taken by thefollowing conceptual frameworks which have this three-part process: the Inputs, Process, andOutputs.Input – This includes the socio-demographic profiles of the select students, their wanted field ofstudy to specialized, and their career preference and factors that affect their career preferences.Process – This includes in determining their career preferences and the leading factors that affecttheir career preferences. We may conduct a survey of the select Grade 12 students.

Output – This study would identify the career preference of the select Grade 12 Senior HighSchool (SHS) students of Valencia National High School (VNHS) for certain institutions oruniversities that would like to design and implement Senior High school program.Scope and DelimitationsThis study aims to identify the aspects of choosing career in SHS students of ValenciaNational High School will be covered as part of our respondents. The researchers give somefrequent questions that need to be determined. In other words, it focuses the data for preferredchoice of students.Limitations of the StudyEven though the study conducted has shown its purpose, it shows few unavoidablelimitations encountered.

First, the limited time, the study was conducted during class hours andthe given respondents classes are still on going. Second, this research was conducted in ValenciaNational High School only on G-12 senior high school students. Third, respondents might bestacked with task and requirement so the study might get delayed or even fail.

In general, thisstudy will only involve the students who are in G-12 that will finish this year.Significance of the studyThis prompted the research to determine the factors that affect the choice of career ofSenior High School in the Valencia National High School. Proper guidance should be consideredto help ensure in able to get into the right career. This may also help the students identify thereasons why the government implemented the K-12 program in the educational system. Theresults of the study served as the basis for the construction of a career program for Senior HighSchool students.

Definitions of termsTo give your thoughts and minds clarity the terms are described theoretically in this study.Career choice – The opportunities that exist for lifelong vocations, the vocations are set outmoving towards the desired goals. Fields of vocational, academic, and sociological endeavors areexplored for the purpose of satisfying personal, economic, and intellectual goals.Opportunity – Those choices in one’s life which are exposed either in an obvious manner. Thesechoices or paths give the individual a selection between two or more outcomes.Literacy- refers to the ability to write and read the knowledge that relates to a specified subject.Motivation – Forces acting on or within a person causing an initiation of behavior (Britannica2002).Accretion- refers to something that has grown or assembles slowly, a product or result of gradualgrowth.

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