Backup downtime.Some of the features of software are listed

Backup of data and disaster recovery management plays vital role for any type of business. A systemcrash or server crash may cost heavily in terms of business profit and it even affects the reliabilty ofclients. Vembu Technologies is one of the company which provides excellent solution for backup needsand disaster recovery management.Vembu Technologies provide Vembu ImageBackup BDR, a part of Vembu BDR Suite, to safeguard thedata in Workstation as well as Physical Windows Server if complete failure occurs in the above systems.Vembu ImageBackup BDR is one of the comprehensive software designated for servers and worstationswhich gives their clients protection by providing the abilility to have data redundancy and recovery fromthe point of server downtime.Some of the features of software are listed hereImageBackup BDR uses incremental technology where the entire system is subdivided intomany small system so that complexity is avoided.Providing data redundancy and data recovery during server downtime.ImageBackup BDR uses proprietory drivers to note the changes in data in block level so thatdatas are not missed.Compression, Encrytion and De-Duplication of data with 4 tier verification is done so that storagelevel is reduced and data is not lost.Four tier verification like Mount Check, Integrity check, Check disk and boot check is performedso that efficient backup process is made.There is a possibility where the entire data of workstation and server are handled with virtualmachines so that physical hardware is not present.Configuration of server and workstation is easy here as it can be configured by WindowsVembu Hive File system, cloud file system where big file backup and disaster recovery can be done.The software uses VSS technology to interface windows server and separates each data into smallblocks, uses virtual machine for compression and encrytion and make a safe backup in their ownproprietory drivers.With the above features present in the software, I personally recommend Vembu ImageBackup BDR for server and workstation data protection.

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