Bad people. According to Fryer(2006), people who do not

Bad effectsof lack of sleepNowadays,there is a tendency that people would like to show off how little time theysleep. What’s more, a lot of people are made to sacrifice their sleep to work becauseof their employers. However, inadequate sleep is harmful to humans’ bothphysical health and mental health. Therefore, it is important to pay attentionto bad effects of lack of sleep.

Inadequate sleep is bad to humans’ brain andphysical health.Lack ofsleep can decrease the accuracy and efficiency of humans’ brain. First, people whodo not get enough sleep have difficulty in judging which is the importantthing. The research carried out by Hendler from Tel Aviv University shows thatlack of sleep can make people cannot tell which is more important than others(Castillo,2015).

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People react to both neutral and emotional images because two parts of thebrain, the anterior cingulate cortex and the amygdala, will not work normallywhen they do not get enough sleep. Second, lack of sleep influences the work ofmind. If people do not sleep enough, they will probably make decisions withoutconsideration and have problems getting along with people. According toFryer(2006), people who do not sleep for more than 18 hours will be hard toconcentrate and process information and react more slowly. In addition, theycan’t memorize well. In summary, lack of sleep makes people’s brain not workwell.Inadequatesleep is also harmful to physical health.

First, people without enough sleepare older than people at the same age. French researchers found that people get6.5 years older than normal people if they regularly stay up late for about tenyears(Donnelly,2015). Second, lack of sleep can cause serious diseases. ProfFoster said that though it is widely believed that people have to work at nightbecause of nightshifts, people will never get used to nightshifts according toa lot of studies. Therefore, nightshift leads to serious diseases, includinghigh blood pressure and stroke. Third, lack of sleep can cause early death.

According to a study, people who sleep less than 6 hours are more likely to diebefore 65 years old(Donnelly,2015). In summary, lack of sleep can damagepeople’s physical health.Inconclusion, lack of sleep has bac effects on the judgement and speed of thebrain and it also damages people’s physical health seriously.

Therefore, inorder to keep health people should try to avoid nightshift and get enoughsleep. (403 words) ReferencesCastillo,S. (2015, September 26) Sleep deprivation messes with the brains, emotional               response, makes everything seem important.     Retrieved from   emotional-respone-makes-everything-seem-important-354564 DonnellyL.

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