Badass Backpacking Consultant is a company dedicated to

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Last updated: September 16, 2019

Badass BackpackingConsultant is a company dedicated to alleviating stress through backpackingtrips around the world.

What BBC is, is first and foremost a retail-like spacewhere those who are in need of travel assistance can come and plan their trips.With a team of highly experienced and confident travel consultants, we willhelp plan even the most elaborate backpacking trips for students and occasionalretirees.  The main targetmarket for BBC is men and women aged 18-35 who want to go on backpackingexcursions around the world and spend as little money as possible. A bigselling point for people as well will be the aspect of theft that BBC will helpyou manage and avoid. During the questionnaire, BBC collected that one of thebiggest fears of solo travellers is losing items of importance. At BBC, one ofthe highest featured product lines will be anti-theft accessories to ease theminds of nervous travellers. Accessories such as:·      PAC-safe wallets·      Backpack cages·      Money belts·      Anti-cut backpackstraps·      Locks (padlocks,combinations, code)·      First aid kits The atmosphere thatBBC will have set up is a fun, welcoming, and comfortable environment whereeven the more inexperienced travellers can feel at home.

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We want to make anyonefeel like they can ask any arbitrary question and get a dignified and sincereresponse. BBC wants to makethe world more accessible. There is so much to see in any corner of the planet,and at BBC, realizing your travel potential will be one of the top priorities.There is nothing more nerve wrecking than realizing two weeks before your trip,the thought “Do I have everything ready for my trip”. Whenpeople come to BBC, they can get all of their travel needs to be done in oneconvenient location. Through a combination of travel consulting and services,and a wide array of travel accessories, BBC will generate the majority of itsrevenue.

This includes, but is not limited to the following items located inthe product and services description of this report, as well as the profile ofa typical consultation.

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