Barack so-called smart power or the full range

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Barack Obama was the44th President of the Unites States.

The foreign policy of Barack Obama was the foreignpolicy of the United States duringhis administration. At the time of his presidential campaign, themost pressing issue for American voters was the war in Iraq. Obama took ananti-war stance and that ultimately differentiated him from front-runner HilaryClinton and other candidates. This opposition helped him build betterconnections with voters during the Iowa Caucuses.

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The first out of his fivemajor foreign policy objectives was “bringing a responsible end to this war inIraq and refocusing on the critical challenges in the broader region” as statedin Obama’s speech during his presidential campaign at Chicago Council on GlobalAffairs.1 The other four goalsthat he mentioned during this speech were also: “buildingthe first truly 21st century military and showing wisdom in how we deployit,” “marshalling a global effort to meet a threatthat rises above all others in urgency – securing, destroying, and stopping thespread of weapons of mass destruction,” “rebuilding and constructing the alliances and partnerships necessary to meetcommon challenges and confront common threats”, and “while America can help others build more securesocieties, we must never forget that only the citizens of these nations cansustain them.”Supporters of Obama’sforeign policy applaud what they describe as his cooperation with alliesand multilateralism. In his inaugural address he also spoke about lessening the nuclear threatthrough “working tirelessly with old friends and former foes.” Healso mentioned America’s determination to combat terrorism by proclaimingthat America’s spirit is “stronger and cannot be broken”.

To the Muslim world, Obama extended an invite to “a new way forward, based onmutual interest and mutual respect.”2During his first termof office, President Obama nominated Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of Stateon December 1, 2008. In her opinion, designing and implementing globalsolutions is the best way to advance America’s interests.

She also stated thatAmerica must make use of the so-called smart power or the full range ofdiplomatic, economic, military, political, legal and cultural tools, wherebypicking the right set accordingly to each situation. Itis worth mentioning that substantial geopolitical developments have occurredduring Obama’s presidency like the Great Recession of 2008, the widespread ArabSpring protests, the civil wars in Libya and Syria, the massunauthorized publication of classified documents by WikiLeaks, Russia?s annexationof Crimea in 2014, the return of U.S.forces to Iraq in 2014; and thestart of Russia?s militaryintervention in Syria in 2015.31 Part of Obama first major foreign policy speech at the Chicago Councilon Global Affairs, 23 April 2007.2 Obama’s inaugural address.

White House. January 20, 2009.3 Wikipediacontributors, “Foreign policy of the Barack Obamaadministration,” Wikipedia, The FreeEncyclopedia, (accessedDecember 17, 2017).

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