Based article entitled “Dictator Deaths: How 13 Notorious

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Based on the events of World History, twelve elements can be present time and time again. Some elements have and will occur more than others, but all seem to sum up the events of history. That can be from the events of war to the events of government. One or more of these elements is represented in each historical event.

           One of those twelve elements that has had its fair share is the nature of power. Nature of Power has to do with, who holds power in each person’s life? Most individuals(especially those of teenage age) would say, parents, teachers, even government. The truth is that each individual holds their own power. Each person has the ability to say no and control their life.           When really analyzing the Nature of Power, it is seen that this element is the perception of what an individual can or cannot control. When looking at History from Ancient Egypt it may seem that the lower class people(peasants) of the Old Kingdom had no power when it came to working.

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According to, John Green’s video entitled “Ancient Egypt: Crash Course World History #4,” this is because most peasants were required by Egyptian law to work for the government a certain number of months each year. At that time they mostly had to build pyramids. It seems that they could not control their work ethic during the year. That may have been their perception of power.           As mentioned before power starts with the individual. Since each person holds their own power they must be the one to forgo that power. Giving up that power could mean anything.

A king may have given up his throne, which does result in a loss of power. Another way for a person to give up their power is to kill themselves. Suicide would then result in a total loss of power; for that person had then given up their life. According to an article entitled “Dictator Deaths: How 13 Notorious Leaders Died,” Hitler committed suicide as World War II came to an end. The minute after the minute bad news was pouring into the bunker he was hiding in. Due to fear Hitler then decided to take his own life.           Speaking of fear and why people gave up power there are two reasons a person may give up power.

Those two reasons are fear and trust. Fear could come from a person in charge not knowing what to do when things go wrong. The leader may be afraid of the outcome of their actions. Trust will mostly be inherent trust. Trust could come when say a leader has trust in another leader to the point that they adopt the other leaders’ ways. That can end in a good way or a bad way.           Nature of Power helps generations of this time see that the power lies in the people. Which can keep a balance between the people and government systems? Because of the Nature of Power, most governments know that the people can overthrow the system or break away.


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