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Last updated: September 28, 2019

bemore confident in my care while caring for medically complex and violentpatients. I have learned that my perception of an event may be very differentfrom my patient, resulting in the importance of active listening. In addition, Ihave been able to manage drainage systems and irrigate and dress surgicalwounds, while administering medications, all in a timely manner. Furthermore, oneof my biggest strengths is being able to manage time wisely. For example, I amcurrently working a part-time job and volunteering at SickKids, while handling6 courses. I ensure to plan my week accordingly and I am motivated to finishall my tasks. In terms of limitations, public speaking has been a concern thatI have been working on. I have been developing my public speaking skillsthrough a variety of presentations in school, and clinical experiences, whichhas also enhanced both my interpersonal and communication skills.

Planto Address Gaps in Resume                 Itis important to address the gaps that I currently have in my resume in order toobtain a job as a surgical nurse, and achieve my goals. Although I haveprevious clinical experience working in the surgical inpatient unit, I want tolearn how to further develop myself, professionally. In terms of professionaldevelopment, I plan on joining nursing groups this year that focus on surgicalinpatient care, and what to expect in a future job. I can attend workshops inthe summer of this year to further explore this specialty of perioperativenursing.

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Also, in fourth year first semester, I plan on taking an adult healthcourse which will further develop my knowledge for my job, along with previousknowledge obtained from an adult psychology course in second year. If I need moreguidance to plan and work towards my goal, I will find a career mentoravailable at Ryerson in fourth year first semester. This mentor would be ableto assist me in finding professional development workshops, as well asproviding guidance in identifying skills to meet the demands of jobs in the market.Lastly, because I have not been a member of a professional organization, beforethe end of this school year I plan to join professional and student associationssuch as RNAO, and the CNSA to demonstrate leadership roles and be involved incurrent and relevant policies and political issues related to nursing.


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