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Last updated: December 6, 2019
lawrence Ferlinghetti
most educated of the beats, owned city lights, arrested for publishing Howl

City Lights
First paperback bookstore in the US, social meeting place, small press

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A coney Island of the Mind
Ferlinghettis most famous volume of poetry, ironic and funny

Gregory Corso
Least educated of the Beats, only a 6th grade education, went to adult prison at 13, introduced to British Romantic poetry in jail, most classical in style of all Beats

“Gasoline” “Bomb”
” Gasoline” : Corso’s 2nd publication, 1st major volume of poetry, “bomb” concrete poem written in shape of mushroom cloud.

Gary Snyder
Zen Buddhist – wrote poetry based on ancient Chinese and Japanese models, Reed college in Or.

with Phil Whalen and Lew Welch; came to SF during Poetry Renaissance, read at six Gallery Reading, Hero of Jack Kerouac’s “The Dharma Burns”

Gary Snyder’s first major volume of poems

“Mountains and Rivers without end”
Gary Snyder – first epic poem written over a period of 40 years, based on Chinese Landscape Painting

“Turtle Island”
Taken from the native name for America, this volume won the Pulitzer Prize and contains some of Snyder’s most important ecological essays

Michael McClure
Poet, playwright, and environmentalist thinker – He once said the Beat Generation was an environmentalist movementRead at the Six Gallery, including the poem”For the Death of 100 Whales”His poems are bisymmetrical so that they resemble living organisms. Composed some poems in Beast Languagein order to get in touch with his mammalself

“Peyote Poem” Semina 3
McClure, composed after his first experience with the drug, described psychedelic experience in detail. Published by Assemblage artist Berman as a broadside in Semina series

“The Beard’
features 2 American Icons, ex Billy the Kid and Jean Harlow, play about sexual tension, taken to trial and won civil liberties battle. Andy Warhol did unauthorized film version

Philip Whalen
Attended Reed college with Gary Snyder and Lew Welch, Read at the Six Gallery reading, “Map of Consciousness, abbot of the SF Zen Center later in life

Philip Lamantia
Surrealist Poet who spent time with Salvador Dali, Reader at the six gallery reading, poems delve into the worlds of dreams and the subconscious, Peyote rituals with the Washo Indians of Nevada, Embraced Catholicism

Kenneth Rexroth
Established west coast poet in the 1950s with social anarchist philosophy, Influenced by Asian and Greek lyric Poetry, Master of Ceremonies at the 6 Gallery Reading, DId a weekly literary radio show on KPFA in Berkeley, eventually became critical of the beats movement

LeRoi Jones
lived in Greenwich Village, operated Totem Press, married to white woman, Hettie Cohen, Moved to Harlem after assassination of Malcom X, member of Black Nationalist movement, founded the Black Arts movement

a play with a black man and white woman set on a subway, won an Obie Award – later renounced Black Nationalis and Third world LIberation struggles

Ted Jones
Created a business that rented out genuine Beatniks for parties, parodied in MAD magazine, part of the surrealist movement, produced collages

Bob Kaufman
Surrealist poet, inspired by Jazz rhythms, popular in France (called the Black Rimbaud, goal to be forgotten, street hustler, arrested 37 times (urinated on a police officer) many urban myths about his obscure life, rumored to carry son around in a clarinet case,

“Ancient Rain”, Solitudes Crowded with Lonlieness’
Ancient Rain – Kaufman’s most famous poem, “Negro Speaks of Rivers” in its treatment of the universality of water. Solitudes Crowded with Loneliness: most well known volume of poetry

Diane DiPrima
Raised in New Your and deeply influenced by her anarchist Italian Grandfather – Founded Poets press and co founded New York Poets Theatre.

Published “The Floating Bear” newsletter with LeRoi James

“Loba””Revolutionary Letters”
Loba – Di Palma’s epic poem, celebrates budhism, mother goddess worship and Greek mythology “Revolutionary Letters” series of poems praising a revolutionary lifestyle

Anne Waldman
2nd Generation Beat poet, sometimes associated with the New York School of poets, Director of the St. Marks Poetry Project in NYC, Known for her very dramatic and dynamic reading style. Two time World heavyweight Poetry Bout Champion, Buddhist scholar and translator

Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University
Founded by Waldman and Allen Ginsberg

Joanne Kyger
Came to San Francisco in 1957, affiliated with the Beats and the Black Mountain School of Poetry, Married Gary Snyder and traveled to Japan and India with hime.

. influenced by Budhism

Strange Big Moon: The Japan and India Journals
Kyger’s details of the Snyder’s travels with Dinsbeg and Orlovsky, and the difficultys of being a poet in a “Male” world

Lenore Kandel
student of Zen who moved to San Francisco in the 1960s where she met Gary Snyder and Lew Welch, dated Jack Kerouac.. wrote the “love book” which was considered pornography, only woman to speak on stage at “human Be-in’ in Golden Gate Park

John Clellon Holmes
wrote firs beat novel ever, Published “Go” An early spokesman for the emerging Beat Generation since he was the first to use the term in print, Also wrote “The Horn, a novel about the death of Jazz Saxaphonist, Charlie Parker

David Meltzer
Jazz Poet and Guitarist who uses Jazz rhythms in his poetry, interest in Kabbalah and Jewish heritage figure into poetry

William Everson (Brother Antoninus)
Worked closely with Keneth Rexroth and was influenced greatly by the poet Robinson Jeffers; Had anarchist and pacifist views, joined the Dominic Order in Catholic Church, Operated a small fine press during the beat years..

. lived North of Santa Cruz

Herbert Huncke
Times Square hustler who was friends with Kerouac, Burroughs, and Ginsberg in the 40’s and introduced them to the hipster underworld in NYC. Small time criminal living in Times Square who carried on intellectual discussions and drug experimentation

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