beat poetry & franklin

Topic: Cat
Sample donated:
Last updated: December 5, 2019
The world is a beautiful place
fast-pacedsarcasticnegative view on the world; pointing out flaws of humanity

making a line for all it’s got
a lion beats Americainjammednegative view on America

extended metaphor; fixing Americas problems are like choressatire

I am waiting
disappointed with the corruption in Americainjammedformal tone

lots of imageryencourages reader to take actionextended metaphor dog is a man trying to get his freedom and opinions out there

is about
look for the deeper meaning in life and work harderin jammed & fast-paced

to the oracle of Delphi
America is off it’s path and needs guidancemany allusions to Greek mythology

on Ben franklins virtues
pointing out the problems with Ben franklins virtuesuses rhetoric in a different way; humorousrewrites values to fit modern times

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