Before after taking the PR course, I think

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Last updated: August 30, 2019

Before I am studyingthe major of Public Relations and Advertising (PRA), I have two choices thatconcerned about, one is the Events Management (EM) and the second one is SocialStudies (SS). These two choices are annoyed me to make a decision because I ama challenging and outgoing student, I don’t want something that arranged me, Ithought that Events Managements is suitable to chose because it seems like itis challenging to hold different events and also I love reading news and caresabout the recent social issues that’s why I concerned about this two courses.However, I have chosen PRA as my major finally because I found that actually Ilike communication and I always watching a lot of interesting and touchingadvertisements at the free time so that I want to studying PRA. In my opinion,PR is just like a channel to communicate with the individuals to publics butafter taking the PR course, I think PR is more difficult compare with the otherchannels because I have seen the news that about Samsung’s note7 battery explosionsince 2016, then after the suspension of sales in South Korea, Hong Kong still sellsand Samsung said that there is a problem that’s why it make Hong Kong consumersfelt angry and worry. In this case, I realized that PR is not only includingcommunication but also the situational solves. It is hard to be a PR because Ineed to facing different situations of the public noises and I must have ahighest EQ to do it.??After taking the PRcourse, I have learned that if I need to solve the noises of the public, I mustto classified the public such as enabling public, functional public, normativepublic and diffused public, It is also needed to analysis the involvement ofdifferent public so that it can reduce the public noises following by thedifferent public. When we solving the public noise, we have to do someresearches, creating the PR plan like communication objectives and evaluations.

Actually I don’t know why PR is so annoyingthat we have to learn these theories, basically we can’t apply these theoriesto the real work. But after the lessons, I recognized PR is a professional andparticular industry that we need to through the theories to have a deeplyunderstanding. For example,there is the news about Hong Kong Boxer Chao Xing Yu defeated Japanese playersat the Wan chai convention on October 8, 2016 and left the post on the night of”New Monday” to complete the live broadcast, after that the readers questioned NewMonday was not authorized at all so that New Monday was deleted it immediatelyand they made the apology to people.

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Through this case, I learn that responsibilityis really important in being with PR, sometimes apology not just can solve thePR crisis but also gain the public trust and support, that’s the benefit to theenterprise. To behonest, I don’t having any expectation of being a PR in the future, because of oneday I have seen the reality show on Viu TV which is call ‘night blowing’, theyinvited the guests who are the PR and talking about their unknown secret andtheir PR experiences. It is interesting that I knew PR is just like the lowestlevel of the food chain because they talked that PR is hard to avoidingdifferent situations immediately, when I heard that I feel like the heart was brokenwhich damaged my PR dreams already. Eventually, in the end of the show, theguests still love to being PR base on PR can bring them satisfactory of theteam work.

At this moment, I think any jobs have their hardness, if PR is mydream job that I need to overcome these difficulties. Although they said  PR always scolded by the media workers and thecelebrities, I do think that PR is such a challenging work that I want to chosein the future, so now I want to be more responsible and systematic to preparewith being a PR successfully.

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