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Last updated: September 21, 2019

Beforethe humans ruled over the world there were big dangerous animals calleddinosaurs that mysteriously went extinct and no one knows how even though thereare some theories.

Now it is time to find out the real reason that thedinosaurs disappeared by conducting research. Then we will be able to find away to prevent any other animal from becoming extinct or even endangered. Ifmore animals become extinct than the food chain would become too complicatedwhich will in fact cause chaos to us humans. Thanks to the dinosaurs goingextinct we will find a way to help our community and environment fromexperiencing the same thing.To thisday no one knows about the dinosaur’s disappearance and some scientists thinkwe never will know. But scientists do know that the dinosaurs went extinctaround fifty to sixty million years ago.

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We also know that this event was oneof the largest mass extinctions in world history. The only dinosaurs that arestill alive to this day are birds and reptiles. Other dinosaurs like theTyrannosaurus and the Triceratops died in the mass destruction with over amillion more dinosaurs. The dinosaur’sfossils and ancient artifacts have led us to a few theories on how they all vanished.These fossils are so old that when they were real life dinosaurs Florida wasunderwater this is why it so hard to find out why they’re all gone.

Shockinglythese dinosaurs lasted a long time on Earth, at least around two hundred andthirty-four million years. A big question people ask a lot is if the humanslived at the time as the dinosaurs.  Somepeople believe that humans did live in the Jurassic era while others believethat God wiped out the dinosaurs to put humans to roam on Earth. A lot ofthings involving dinosaurs are hard to find out because it happened extremelylong ago. There are many questions that not even scientists can answer. Eventhough they don’t know everything they have filled in a few blanks andexpressed some of their theories.             The first theory is the most commonone which is the big meteorite that crashed on Earth and changed the climaticconditions way too drastically, leading to the last days of the dinosaurs.

Sixty six million years ago this horrifying meteorite crashed on the Gulf ofMexico. It left behind a crater off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsulareaching from more than a hundred miles across and about twelve miles deep.This impact may have caused the dinosaurs to go extinct.

Today this crater isburied under sediment and hidden below the water’s surface. Scientists aretrying to find rock samples from this crater to support their theory. Many ofthe theories that I’m going to mention include this one so I think that thiswas the cause to the dinosaurs going extinct.             The second theory is that the gasand ash from the volcanoes suffocated the dinosaurs. This volcanic eruptiondwarfed every living animal such as the birds and reptiles. Anyways scientistssay that this mega volcano was a huge and horrifying explosion, probably one ofthe biggest ones in the world.

These powerful volcanoes probably exploded dueto the meteorite that might have hit seconds before. Such strong fumes and ashfrom these mega volcanoes are believed to be one of the main reasons or not atall no one knows. These volcanoes were hit with such impact that it caused themto be faster and of course more dangerous.Thethird theory is that the dinosaurs were wiped out by tiny bacteria. A long timeago in the dinosaur era there was a disease that insects were carrying thatstill kills animals to this day. This made dinosaur’s weak, hopeless, and madethem die slower than they were supposed to.

This bacterium affected all typesof dinosaurs and only around 10 species migrated elsewhere. People say thatthis made them weak enough to have not survived the asteroid if it were true. Thebird dinosaurs migrated and luckily saved themselves and so did the insects byhiding underground. The big dinosaurs didn’t have the force to survive suchharsh bacteria and it overcame their bodies causing them to die slowly. Thefourth theory is that the food chain was unbalanced and the dinosaurs starvedto death. Apparently at first the food cycle was unlimited since there werebarely animals, mostly dinosaurs. One day a swarm of caterpillars startedeating all of the grass and plants, which was supposed to be the herbivorousdinosaur’s nutrients. These caterpillars affected the dinosaur’s food chain andpractically starved them to death.

Only some species managed to survive byliving in larger areas. This phenomenon was probably one of the reasons to thedinosaur’s final days and will still be a question for a long time.Afteracknowledging all my research I think that all of these were reasons that thedinosaurs were wiped off the world. They all make sense and they all seemdangerous enough to kill them. In fact they are all scientifically possible.The first theory was about the asteroid which probably caused all the othertheories said. This theory affected a majority of the dinosaurs in the wholewide world.

Thesecond theory was about massive volcanoes that could’ve also wiped out thedinosaurs. This is part of the first theory because it could’ve exploded due tothe asteroid. Scientists think that this is one of the main reasons other thanthe meteoroid.

These volcanoes were so huge that it wiped out a lot of dinosaurspecies. The third theory is about the bacteria that was affecting thedinosaurs at the time. They were slowly dying do to this bacteria since beforethey were so powerful.Thefourth theory was about how to food chain was getting affected due to thecaterpillars eating all the plants. The caterpillars reproduced too quickly andate a major amount of the plants that some dinosaurs needed to survive. Withouttheir food their food chain became affecting and they probably all starteddying due to this.

Where the caterpillars come from, no one knows to this day,we just know they’ve been eating plants for a long time.            Knowing all of this, scientistscan’t make their mind in which is right and which is wrong. There is no proofat the moment to testify right from wrong. All we know by now are some factsand of course theories. In total we might never know what is right or wrong orif I could be all of them.

But we do know that this research can teach a lot ofpeople about the past and prevent extinction in the future. Therefore thedinosaurs going extinct wasn’t such a bad thing and it served as a good causefor the future.             

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