Behavior Patterns of Individuals

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Project Part 1: (This section of the project should be 1-2 pages in length) What were the results of your MBTI assessment? The outcome of my MBTI assessment test resulted in the qualitative analysis of my personality type to be ENFJ (extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging).

The strength of preferences in percentage form is as follows: •89%- Very extraverted personality, •25%- Moderately expressed intuitive personality, •75%- Distinctively expressed feeling personality, •44%- Moderately expressed judging personality.I must say that I do agree with the results of the test, but there are some aspects of it that I feel to be untrue. In general, I have to always stay busy and involved with various activities. I like being around people, leading, teaching and stimulating others into positive performances.

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I also like to act on things as opposed to just talking about it. Other people view me as having an outgoing personality. I also am able to relate to and have friends from all walks of life.On the other hand, I am one who does have to think things through, plan ahead, and am very structured (with things in order).

I think that I am more a Sensing personality than a Intuitive one. I am more practical and a more hands on individual. Meaning, I often use and trust my experience before words and symbols. (Humanetrics. com, 1998-2011) In what ways does the MBTI assessment relate to Jung’s theory of personality development? The way the MBTI assessment relate to Jung’s theory of personality develop is that it allows a better understanding of various behavior patterns.Research has shown that behavior patterns of individuals are indeed consistent based how they perceive and use their judgment.

Being conscious of people, surroundings, thoughts, and objects is our perception. Judgment is coming to grips with the perception. According to Jung, psychologically, this is how people’s personality types tie into their lives. (Cloninger et. al. , 2008) Part 2 (This section of the project should be 1-2 pages in length) Compare and contrast the MBTI personality inventory with subjective methods of psychoanalytic personality assessment, such as inkblot and word association tests.The MBTI personality inventory is across the board type method that is more of a person’s perception and judgment. According to Jung (1921) this method of assessment identifies a one’s psychological personality type such as extraversion and introversion; how they view the “internal” and “external” world using various types of behavior.

The psychoanalytic personality assessment found by Sigmund Freud is more along the lines of the cause of one’s subconscious feelings or thoughts.For example, calling my son by my sister’s name when I am anxious or upset is said, by this theory, to be caused by deeper emotions or thoughts that have not been resolved (basically it was not an accident). In years prior, my sister and I had an altercation regarding family issues. However, not exactly resolved, but moved on from it.

(About. com, Psychology, 2011) What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these types of assessment? The advantage of MBTI assessment is that it has proved to be consistent even after retesting.I did a retake on the test 3 times and the outcome was the same each time (only the percentages changes a little). It is not biased when particular answers are given. The disadvantage is that a person can give false information by not answering truthfully. The inkblot is effective in identifying psychological disorders such as bipolar and schizophrenia. The disadvantage is that it is time consuming, lack of studies display consistency. While the word association test identifies traits and conflicts.

The advantage is the use of hypnosis to resolve or bring up subconscious thoughts as a healing process.The disadvantage is that it is possible to make matters worse by bring up bad memories per say. (Cloninger et. al. , 2008) What is the practical usefulness of each, objective and subjective personality inventories, in your chosen career field? The practical usefulness of each assessment, objective, and subjective inventories, in my career is that I will have to identify various personality behaviors in children who are challenged mentally. Particularly, children with Autism and special education. Using the assessments will allow me the ability to diagnosed these personality behavior correctly.

Each one will be used according to the type of behavior to be identified and help me to draw an effective conclusion. (Cloninger et. al.

, 2008) Reference Cloninger, S. C. , Allen, B. P. , Friedman, H.

S. , & Schustack, M. W.

(2008). The Psychoanalytic Perspective. Pearson Custom Publishing. Boston, MA.

Cherry, K. (2011). About. com: Psychology.

Retrieved May 10, 2011 from http://psychology. about. com/od/theoriesofpersonality/a/consciousuncon. htm Jung Typology Test (1998-2011).

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