Behavioral approach: Ross believes that by treating pets

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Behavioralapproach:Rossbelieves that by treating pets nice, keeping them in his room and taking careof he will get a new pet on every occasion.

As it’s his birthday in few weeks,and he has been taking good care of all the pets he has a desire of a new pet.This is a positive reinforcement as Ross believes that by taking care of thepets he may get a new one.  Psychodynamicapproach: Accordingto the theory Ross is in the anal-retentive stage. This can be seen by theobsession of having pets, as well as the organization of them in his room. ID – Rossdesire all the pets as he gains pleasure from taking care of them. Therefore,every time there is an occasion for a possible new pet he wants it. Superego –Ross believes he is doing a great job by taking care of all the pets, and thateveryone should want to look after an animal.

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However, it may make him feelguilty if there is no animal for him to take care and this will be anotherreason for the obsession to have more pets.Ego – Thisis the balance of ID and superego.  Byhaving animals and taking care of them it makes Ross happy and he feels likeothers should also have pets to feel good.

Therefore, he does not understandwhy some people don’t have pets.Differences:  The psychodynamic approach is taking inconsideration the environmental factors as well as the human will, however thebehavioral approach only considers the environmental factor with theconsequences of your actions. In addition, the psychodynamic approach considersunconscious factors which determine are behavior, whereas the behavioralapproach considers the external factors to be the determine of our behavior. Similarities:The behaviorism is the consequence of our interactions, which can be eitherpositive or negative. (Nurture) The psychodynamic approach focuses onthe nature side of our behavior in the unconscious forces, such as Rossdesire of pet as he gets pleasure for taking care of them.  Yet, the way we cope with these is ourupbringing. (Nurture) The mainsimilarity is that both approaches explain the behavior emphasize the role ofnature and nurture.

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