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Brompton Bicycle is aA uk maker bike based inA Brentford, A London by Andrew Ritchie in 1976. Models are named utilizing a codification to depict the handle saloon type, figure of cogwheels and mill attached fixtures. An optional postfix is appended to demo the inclusion of Ti ascents. In Britain the nine ‘s rank is altering, now 35-40 % clients of Brompton are adult females. The mean rider ‘s age has besides dropped below 40.

It ‘s acquiring net income in uk.Brompton Bicycle is aA BritishA company that specialises inA folding bikes, normally known as Brompton which is popular amongA bike commuters, particularly in the UK, theA Netherlands, andA Japan. The Brompton design has remained basically unchanged over three decennaries, although it has been steadily refined. The Brompton increases people’sA independenceA andA freedom so people can utilize this rhythm wherever they can utilize. Approximately 22,000 bikes are produced by the company each twelvemonth and 70 per centum are exported to asia and Europe.

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The compact dimensions of most foldable motorcycles allow easy conveyance in public conveyance where going with a normal motorcycle can be hard or out. We can this rhythm in different manner handlebar like degree Celsius type handlebar, m type handlebar, s type handlebar and P type handlebar.-http: //en.wikipedia.



Political factor:

Many people are cycling on London major roads and it has about doubled since 2000 and TfL is aiming a 5 % manner portion for cycling by 2025. South West Trains is a portion of Stagecoach Group, has joined forces with Brompton Bicycle to promote riders for rhythm as portion of a to the full integrated low C journey uniting motorcycle and train. Every one like this motorcycles because it is efficient to sit but can be rapidly folded into a bundle smaller than an mean bag, so people can take wherever they like.

Economic factor:

Though exports account for around 75 per cent of its end product, it continues to fabricate all of itsA motorcycles in the UK. It ‘s acquiring net income here.

Social factor:

Brompton motorcycle got a award, Mr Ritchie, who was awarded the award that recognizes a lifetime part to plan, he has spent 21 old ages honing to the Brompton, which is manufactured in Britain and sells around the universe. At a response in Buckingham Palace 50 old ages of British design mastermind was observing.

Technological factor:

When transporting a Brompton Bicycle by Train, Car plane or boat it would be good to hold a protective instance.

There is a demand for such a protective instance to besides double as a to the full functional motorcycle dawdler so it will attach to the rear of the motorcycle and be used to transport visible radiation to chair tonss.-http: //



Brompton bike is travel freeA and without booking limitations we can utilize on rail, coach, resistance, ferry or air services. It ‘s that freedom to go anyplace that gives turn uping motorcycles a charming quality. A turn uping motorcycle can be new ways of going. It ‘s have many coloring materials with excess tall frame to suit tall riders.From 1976, Brompton was in concern, but growing was infuriatingly slow.

Today, Brompton Bicycle Ltd turns out 100 precision-crafted motorcycles a twenty-four hours from its cozy in Kew.Brompton bike sold in 27 international markets and serving demands of the 200,000 Brompton users who are already on the route. They make something stylish. Peoples like the Brompton because it ‘s merriment and it fits into their lives. In London, the motorcycle is traveling from being an issue of personal pick. On the corporate side, Brompton already leases a fleet of motorcycles to South West Trains at Waterloo. Mr Butler-Adams planned to supply bundle trades including motorcycles, preparation, storage and insurance to other companies.

Brompton Bicycle is traveling to bring forth 25,000 motorcycles this twelvemonth, accomplishing gross revenues of ?7m- ?8m. Ritchie expects it to turn 25 % a twelvemonth under the leading of pull offing manager Butler-Adams. Brompton bike exports to markets to Netherlands, America, Germany, Japan and Scandinavia history for approximately 60 % of its gross revenues.


Brompton bike ‘s place pillars in both steel and aluminium versions. standard place pillar, the Brompton and Brooks saddles can be up to 995mm from the land. If client ‘s inside leg is more than 33 ” /84cm, he will about necessitate either of the longer place pillars. So for the shorter people it can be hard for drive. It ‘s non adjustable as other bigger rhythm.

The virtues and drawbacks of little and big wheels likewise can be argued into the late hours.


The Brompton is the lone motorcycle in the universe to unite such ready portability with a excellent drive, and it creates infinite new chances for utilizing a bike. Malcolm Shepherd, Chief Executive of Sustrans said: “ Cycling England hasA been a important conduit for support which has touched the lives of 1000000s of people by doing it possible for people to rhythm for mundane journeys. And Brompton motorcycles are suited for the every journey.Here are so many motorcycle company rival for the Brompton motorcycles. Alldays & A ; Onions, Bickerton- folding motorcycles. Boardman bikes, British bird of Jove, claud bulter, Dawes, etc..

bikes are here. Like Brompton bickerton is besides a foldable rhythm. It can be a chief rival. TheA Bickerton was a portable, aluminiumA turn uping bicycleA designed by Harry Bickerton it had manufactured in the UK between 1971 and 1991. The bike was made of aluminum profiles and siting belongingss were hapless, aluminum parts could ne’er be decently locked in topographic point. its weight and folded bundle size broke and it is cited byA Andrew RitchieA as one of his inspirations in making the extremely successfulA Brompton bike. So the Brompton is better than any rhythm thats why70 % Brompton motorcycle are exporting to asia and Europe.


The UK folding motorcycle Brompton is a funny company.

A Brompton bike exports for around 75 per cent of its end product, it continues to fabricate all of itsA motorcycles in the UK.Brompton bike ‘s many parts are custom made so it may convey holds and excess costs for mending than authorised traders. The motorcycle is less suitable to long sit as most theoretical accounts have restricted cogwheels. Riders necessitating a underside bracket to saddle top tallness of more than 715mm/28 ” can choose an drawn-out place station to give a maximal saddle tallness of 775mm/30.

5 ”-http: // making any concern foremost we have to make pest analysis in that state which is following:


Political environment

Bangladesh is a hapless state in South Asia its gained independency in 1971 against West Pakistan.

After independency, Bangladesh has established a mostly moderate and democratic bulk as a Muslim state. The Bangladesh National Party and the Awami League traditionally have dominated Bangladeshi political relations, with the AL in authorities since January 2009. Bangladesh was ruled by a military-backed caretaker authorities led by Fakhruddin Ahmed for two old ages prior to the return to democracy that was ushered in by the December 2008 election. The current Hasina authorities came to power in free and just elections with an overpowering bulk in parliament.

Economic environment

TheA economic system ofA BangladeshA is aA developing state itsA per capita incomeA in 2008 was est. US $ 1,500. Harmonizing to theA International Monetary Fund, Bangladesh ‘s rank w3as theA 48th largest economyA in the universe in 2009. The economic system has grown at the rate of 6-7 % p.

a. over the past few old ages. Most Bangladeshis earn their life from agriculture.A Although rice and jute are the primary harvests, corn and veggies are presuming greater importance

Social environment

Bangladeshi population is mostly Muslim. There are many idioms of Bengali spoken throughout the part. The idiom spoken by those inA Chittagong andA SylhetA are peculiarly typical. In 2009 the population was estimated at 156 million. Religiously, approximately 90 % Bengali people areA MuslimsA and the balance are mostlyA Hindus.

Technological environment

TheA BangladeshA have Space Research and Remote Sensing Organisation which operates remote feeling installations in both Gallic and American orbiters, and it is using meteoric and geographic informations to such basic jobs as dirt birthrate, H2O direction, prediction, and agricultural nose count work. In 1986 it became the first non-American organisation and it got a award by theA United StatesA National Aeronautics and Space Administration. They provided preparation for Bangladeshi scientists and grants of equipment and proficient assistance.

A Bangladeshi Atomic Energy Commission operates an experimental atomic reactor and behaviors every bit good of import agricultural research on seeds, parasites, storage of harvested harvests, and irradiation.- hypertext transfer protocol: //


Political environment

After India ‘s independency on August 15, 1947, India received most of the subcontinent ‘s 562 widely scattered civil orders, or princely provinces, every bit good as the bulk of the British states, and parts of three of the staying states. Muslim Pakistan received the balance.

Pakistan consisted of a western wing, with the approximative boundaries of modern Pakistan, and an eastern wing, with the boundaries of contemporary Bangladesh. India is a Sovereign, Secular, Democratic state with a Parliamentary signifier of Government. The Constitution was adopted by the Assembly on 26th November 1949 and it came into force on 26th November 1950.

Economic environment

IndiaA is 11th largestA economic system in the universe byA nominal GDPA and theA 4th largestA byA buying power para. The state began to develop a fast-paced economic growing and free marketA rules were initiated in 1990 for international competition and foreign investing. Per capita incomeA in India is $ 1,030, rankedA 139thA in the universe, A while its per capita ( PPP ) of US $ 2,940 is rankedA 128th.

India ‘s big service industry accounts for 55 % of the state ‘s Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) while the industrial and agricultural sector contribute 28 % and 17 % severally. In 2006 India exported US $ 21.8 billion worth of ware to the United States and Indian imports from the U.S. rose 26.3 % to $ 10.1 billion in 2006, up 146 % since 2002.

Social environment

Current Population of India is about 1,150,000,000 ( 1.

15 billion ) people in 2010, of which HinduismA accounted for 80.5 % , IslamA is ( 13.5 % ) , A Christianity is A ( 3.0 % ) andA SikhismA ( 2.3 % ) . these are the major faiths followed by the people of India.

There are 29 linguistic communication in India.

Technological environment

The IndianA package industry was grown from a mere US $ 150 million in 1991-92 to a astonishing US $ 5.7 billion in 1999-2000.The one-year growing rate of India ‘s package exported systematically over 50 per centum since 1991.A India ‘s package exports would be around $ 6.3 billion, in add-on to $ 2.5 billion in domestic sale.-http: //www. //


political environment

An stray, agricultural society until the mid-20th century, A NepalA entered the modern epoch in 1951 without schools, infirmaries, roads, telecommunications, electric power, industry, or civil service. The authorities encouraged import and export to advance good concern and promote growing which will hopefully ensue in a higher employment rate, higher wages and a better criterion of life for all in clip.

Economic environment

AgricultureA is Nepal ‘s chief economic activity which using 80 % of the population and supplying 37 % ofA GDP. Merely approximately 20 % of the entire country is arable ; another 33 % is forested ; most of the remainder is cragged. The chief nutrient harvests are rice and wheat. The lowland Terai part produces an agricultural excess is a portion of which supplies the food-deficient hill countries. Export in recent old ages is about 70 % of ware. Nepal ‘s ware trade balance has improved slightly since 2000 with the growing of the rug and garment industries.

Social environment

Nepal ‘s current population is 28,563,377 of which 80.6 per centum are Hindu, 10.7 per centum areA Buddhist, 4.4 % areA Muslim, 3.6 per centum areA KiratA ,0.5 per centum areA Christian, and 0.

4 per centum are classified other groups such asA BonA faith.

Technological environment

Nepal is a late starting motor in modem scientific discipline and engineering. it developed technological capablenesss in some specific countries they are civil technology, architecture, agribusiness, metallurgy, H2O direction, fabric and paper industry, medical specialty, dyeing and nutrient engineering.- hypertext transfer protocol: //www.



Socialistic preference in Sri Lanka was undeviating, but as clip passed by it gave room for investing overseas in 1978. Board of Investment operates as a autonomous legal agency with investing in foreign states as a focal point. BOI is authorized to give grants to organisations that meet the basic eligibility criterions on minimum investing, employment and exports. When the organisation fails to run into the criterions so its undertakings have to be sanctioned by the several sections of the authorities.

BOI besides deals with the 10 zones of free trade, which is known as the export-processing zones. BOI possess the mandate to alleviate any parturiencies on the FDI Eleven immense denationalizations were accounted for 34 % of the FDI. However due to the instable political conditions and conflicting ethnicity the promotion on this issue is been decelerate for old ages. The president sketched out sing anti-privatization economical strategy in his electoral manifesto known as aˆzMahinda ChintanaaˆY . Assorted endeavors of the province which planing itself to be privatized were non approved, this includes the airdromes and Bankss. Privatize. Organization was planned to be regulated by the authorities which will turn the loss into a profit-making organisation.


Sound rates of growing has been steady in Sri Lanka despite if its intense force on ethnicity. Rich private demand of demands, nucleus industrialisation, chiefly the intensive labor fabric industry and the promotion of domestic tea fabrication hiked the growing rate of the economic system. The friendly FDI policy of the authorities ensued the zooming influxs of capital. The slowing in the planetary issues activated an acute condensation in the activities of the economic system in the twelvemonth 2001. Subsequently there was a convalescence in the sectors of the industries that is impelled by a steadfast external demand and an increased growing rates in the sectors associating to service resulted in a ample expansion of economical activities though the tsunami that hit the sectors of agribusiness was critically damaged. Deficits in the financial facets are an of import issue to the authorities, which has been decreasing in the old ages past.

The current financial obligates to cut back shortages. There are many industries that imparts in great value to the GDP that engages greater population of the work force, this comprises of the industry in touristry, and the service industries. When taking industries into consideration, it is the fabric industry that yields greater amount of grosss in export.


Sri Lanka holds a public of 20,238,000, of which Sinhalese constitutes about 74 % , Sri Lankan Moors constitutes about 7.

2 % , Sri Lankan Tamils constitutes about 3.9 % and the Indian Tamils constitutes about 4.6 % . When faiths are taken into consideration the Buddhists comprise a major portion of 69.1 % . Sri Lanka is conspicuously a countrified country that holds 79 % of the population.

The public median age is 30 and 7.8 % constitute for an age group of 65 and over. The wellness index of Sri Lanka is reasonably good when compared to other states in Asia. The authorities has an outgo of 46.3 % from the 4 % of the aggregative GDP for medical disbursals of the state.

The expected life span is 73.4yrs of the aggregative public.


The telecom domain was improved to an unbelievable extent in footings of liberalising right in the90aˆYs. Act of Sri Lankan Telecommunication of 1991 founded the Sri Lanka telecom besides known as the SLT, it awarded the license to map in the planetary system.

-http: // analysing the market we have found out that there is immense market chance in Sri Lanka to sell foldable motorcycles. Due to low monetary value there are more opportunities that Brompton turn uping motorcycles can go the market leader successfully after some clip because of many grounds such as low cost, already operation exist in Sri Lanka and due to climate status.

If we talk about local competition, it is really less. The local participants get the aid by the authorities besides where the authorities has distributed a undertaking to supply good rhythm installation supply to those families.I ‘m a director of this merchandise and I want to do net income that ‘s why I ‘m traveling to establish this merchandise in south Asia.

I will establish this merchandise in sri lanka and will export in 3 other states, they are Bangladesh, India and Nepal. It will be better to establish this merchandise in south Asia because there labour cost will be low and we can sell this rhythms in low cost. Brompton bike ‘s cost in United Kingdom is ?600 and over.

Here, labour cost is expensive than south Asias so we ca n’t export from here. In south Asia there is a range for this merchandise. There is a great figure of people who are utilizing bike but they are n’t like Brompton they ca n’t turn up, they are hard for their journey. so it will be a new sort of rhythm in south Asia.

I can do a net income. It will be cheaper so most of the people will purchase it. I can do a market over at that place.Here are different types to come ining new market they are:ExportJoint ventureFDIStrategic confederationsAmong these methods i ‘m traveling to utilize joint venture method because it will be better for my net income if Is will export from here it will be expensive. First I will travel sri lanka and will speak in srilankan embassy, I will take one rhythm company as my spouse over at that place and i will make good concern over there and will do net income.

4PS ABOUT THE Merchandise:

Merchandise: my merchandise is foldable bike.Monetary value: labor cost will be low so per rhythm it will be ?90.

Topographic point: I will open my company in Colombo land of sri lanka because there Is can gget more installation than other topographic point.Promotion: The literacy rate is 92 % in Sri Lanka which is considered as a good rate. To sell the Brompton folding motorcycles every company more emphasizes on direct selling such as event or trade show and personal merchandising. We will give this intelligence foremost all over in sri lanka subsequently 3 other states by television intelligence and international intelligence paper.

Selling Plan:

Our merchandise hold made program for Brompton turn uping bike for following five year.

To increase our sale and net income we will pass half of our advertisement budget on personal merchandising because by this lone we can aware consumers about our merchandises and persuade consumers to purchase the merchandises.

Production Capacity:

During the first twelvemonth, merchandise will be imported to Sri Lanka And subsequently the demand of the merchandise goes 3 other states to hold a fabrication Unit of measurement can besides be considered. This will ensue in better pricing of the merchandise will ensue in more gross revenues and Net incomes.


Selling disbursals:

Staff wages, Gross saless support and distribution staff disbursals are included. The entire outgo is? 1210000.00

Gross saless and advertizement:

For wireless advertizement =?5000Newspaper/magazine =?6000Television ad =?25000Gross saless publicity =?250000 including client consciousness planCustomer oriented =?200000Trade oriented =?750000Support line =?600000

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