Belgium during the First World War occurred in

Belgium is a small country located in Western Europe. It is bordered by France, the Netherlands and Germany. It was part of a big empire. Belgium was once a battlefield for wars. Some of the wars during the First World War occurred in northern Belgium. After a few years, Belgium gained its independence.    Belgium has cool summers and mild winters.

Temperatures have changed depending on the location of the country. There is little snow, but rain is common in Belgium. It is the 12th largest export economy in the world. Belgium relies on its imports and exports.

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He is known for exporting wool and beer. Most of their trade is with Germany, France and the neighboring Netherlands. He also negotiates with the United States and the United Kingdom. Belgium imports raw materials and machinery.    People in Belgium eat foods similar to us.

Belgians eat food such as fish, cheese, bread and fruit. When they eat, their meals are served with drinks such as wine, beer or water. People eat three meals every day.

For breakfast, they eat bread with jam and are served with a hot drink. The main meal is served in the evening. Dinners usually include meat, fish, vegetables and rice. After dinner, they have a dessert. They usually eat chocolate or fruit pastries for dessert.

Belgium is famous for its mussels, chocolate, beer and Belgian waffles. Butter is usually used when they cook food. Every year during Christmas, people eat bread.

Some sports are popular in Belgium. Their most popular sports are football and cycling. During the weekends, people were cycling. Cycling races take place in spring and summer. Some of the other sports they practice are bowling, tennis, swimming and ice skating. In their spare time, many watch television.

Families take picnics, watch movies and attend festivals together.    When the Belgians see each other, they greet each other by kissing each other on the cheek. Some people greet each other with a handshake. When it’s a special event, such as a birthday or a wedding, men and women greet each other with three kisses on the cheek. Belgians do not speak with something in the mouth. Nor do they put their feet on the table or chairs.

    In short, Belgians are different compared to other countries. When we look at the country by itself, its culture, its music, its economy, its food, its sports, its history and its climate make the country different and special. Although Belgium is similar to other countries, their differences make the country interesting to know.

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