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CosteaEnglish 9 20 November, 2017 The Technological TrapTechnology, although an important stepping stone of our evolution, has been taking over our lives without us even realizing it. Every day we wake up with technology surrounding us; It follows us around, listens to us constantly, and collects data that we can’t even comprehend. I believe that if we do not make a change to the way we live with technology than we could be creating a new generation of teenagers that won’t be able to provide for themselves, causing more need for technology, which could take humanity over completely with no way to stop it.We’ve all seen the quiet kid with music roaring through a pair of headphones, or a teenager mindlessly texting someone while hanging out with family. Teenagers today have become completely surrounded by technological advances that assure endless “communication” and almost instantaneous results to any questions we have, whether it be through our phones, online gaming,  or other online sources. But, I’d like to argue that the development of new technologies have negatively affected the social interactions of the teens and young adults of today because it isolates them from the real world.

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I also believe that it blocks out communication between people, and adds distance between those connections.Technology is putting a negative effect on our lives because it creates distance between the real world and REAL interactions with other people. Spotify and other big music apps are a great example; By putting headphones in and closing yourself out with music, you start to  disconnect from the world and everyone around you. “For some people, the main appeal of these apps are that it distracts/ occupies you from the uncontrollable factors of everyday life that we have to deal with,” wrote Sean Simons, in his article “Technology destroys interpersonal communication.” The availability for teens to surround themselves with what they’re used to, by using their phone, is appealing to almost everyone because it almost never provides us with unexpected events or something “different”.

Although, I believe that this isn’t necessarily a good thing. By constantly cutting themselves off from personal interactions and new experience, a generation with low social abilities and little-to-no knowledge of how to interact with others is being developed without any concern. If we do not face the challenges ahead by making personal relationships or resolving daily issues, we will never be able to operate correctly as individual adults in the near future.Technology blocks out communication, which in return, negatively affects our day and age.

Although “our society holds the standards of the Internet as a technological wonder, there are theories that Internet use has a negative effect on teenagers and their growing social skills.” wrote Natasha Hubbard in her article, “Has technology ruined interpersonal communication in relationships?” Data reveals that those frequently use the internet, spend over three hours less with friends and family than those who don’t use the internet, according to Milton Kazmeyer in the article “Negative effects of technology on communication.” The Internet destroys the abilities of society by closing off communication, especially for teens. Some like to think that the Internet has positive effects on social interactions because it enables us to create connections on the web. Although, the ability to meet “a virtually unlimited amount of people through the internet, online boards, and other communication-related sites,” is actually extremely dangerous, wrote Natasha Hubbard in her article, “Has Text Technology Ruined Interpersonal Communication In Relationships?” There is many dangerous and inappropriate things on the web that can be a huge threat to the minds of teens and adults. The availability to access everything someone posts on the internet, without knowing their motive can lead young teenagers down the wrong path.

I believe that the advancements made in technology have severely impacted our social interactions and it disconnects us from what truly matters around us, it closes off communication, and creates the concept of instant answers to any questions we might have. Society must be able to use and improve on technology while not allowing it to interfere with our social interactions. We need to act fast and grow with technology without letting it negatively affect the development of normal adults in our society that can sustain a life on their own.Works cited”Has Text Technology Ruined Interpersonal Communication In Relationships?”:  “Negative Effects Of Technology on communication”: “Negative effects of social media on society and individuals”: “Technology destroys interpersonal communication”:

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