BERJAYA planting a tree without looking so far

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Last updated: April 12, 2019

BERJAYA means SUCCESS inBahasa Malaysia. To build up the Berjaya Corporation each B faces a different direction,describe the different strengths of the companies.             BerjayaCorporation Berhad (BCorp) is an investment holding company and is engaged inthe provision of management services.

Visionfor Berjaya Group Berhad is to generate consistently profitable returns for ourshareholders from investments in our core business activities while the missionis by providing direction, financial resources and managerial support for eachoperation unit.             Berjaya Corporation Berhad engages in the consumermarketing, direct selling and retail, financial services and so on. It marketconsumer products comprising health and nutritional supplements, personal careproducts as well as operates bookstores. The companydevelops properties; owns and manages commercial buildings; operates 5 golfclubs and 1 equestrian club; owns and operates 16 hotels and resorts.              Berjaya Group has adiversified business interests spread across various industries, they offer a varietyof job opportunities and possibilities to talented individuals who are interestedin joining and working for the company. They offeremployees rewarding career opportunities, comprehensive benefit package as theyview human capital as important asset for their company.             Berjaya undertake projects toconserve and improve the natural environment.

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Staff and family members areencouraged to participate in these meaningful activities. From that, we canlearnt about the importance of protecting nature. To eliminate waste and giveconsumers awareness about the importance to protect our planet from pollution.We are encouraged to use green products such as KennyRogers ROASTERS i-care Box.

It is safe and recyclable take-away container. Wealso encourage by practising car-polling in our surrounding area.              Otherthan that, to improve the environment where we live, we can just improve theenvironment by planting a tree without looking so far to make a widespreaddifference. Planting new plants not only improve the environment it also canhelp us to bond good relationship with our neighborhood as we can workingtogether to protect the world. When the tree grow larger, it also can help tocool our neighborhood and clean the air.

            The Berjaya Group alsoexpanded to property development and investment.  It entered intocountries that have different kind of joint ventures in countries such asVietnam, China, South Korea, and Thailand. It aims is to undertake variousproperty, infrastructure, hotel, and resort projects. Berjaya Group has successfullyestablished a five star hotel comprising 4,000 rooms and also a tropical islandresort in Malaysia. In 2008, Berjaya expanded it businesses into education byopening Berjaya University College of Hospitality. This college has becomeMalaysia’s first university college of specializing in Hospitality, Tourism,and Services education. Finally, branch of Berjaya started to appear atThailand, Singapore, England,  Hong Kong,Canada, Mexico and other country.              On the other hand, Vincent Tan also intendto explores a number of businesses in Vietnam.

He plans to develop business inVietnam as Berjaya has several lands in Vietnam. Upon the completion of thegroup reconstruction exercise in 2005, Berjaya Corporation Berhad assumed thelisting status of Berjaya Group Berhad on the Main Board of Bursa Securities   Today,Berjaya and his other private businesses have employ more than 30,000 employeesand have combined revenues of over RM 27 billion ($8.18 billion) worldwide. TanSri Vincent Tan the 14th richest person in Malaysia with a net worth of $1.2 billion.             On 23 February 2012, chairman of Berjaya,Vincent Tan, decided to pass his position, to his son, Robin Tan.

On 1 November 2017, Berjaya Corporation Berhad announced that Tan Sri Dato’ SeriVincent Tan Chee Yioun, currently the Founder and Adviser to the Berjaya Corporation group ofcompanies, has returned to the Board of Directors of the company.      

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