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Besides torture, there are different ways to gather information about terrorist organizations. Even with Osama Bin Laden, he was located throw his brother by offering him a Lamborghini. There are more peaceful and effective ways to get details other than violence. Tony Camerino, former senior military interrogator and author of a book “How to Break a Terrorist”, has very clear vision on how proper interrogation should look like. He believes that the most efficient method to get the captive to share the information is firstly to learn something about the suspect’s background. (Camerino) Not all the detainees wanted to be sided with terrorist, but some were forced to because of their situation – and interrogator can use all this knowledge to make the prisoner cooperate.

Also, knowing about the culture can be helpful. Camerino says that: “During the World War II, the people we recruited to be interrogator were ethic-Americans. … People that knew the culture and the language of people they were going to interrogate. … And Ivy League young men were recruited to supervise them, because we saw it as an intellectual effort, not a brute force effort.”(Camerino) This culture knowledge can help to understand some basic mentality of the detainee, but what according to Camerino is also curtail is basic knowledge of psychology for recognizing what motivates human minds, and to educate them about sales – to make them grasp the concept of how to make the best deal with the prisoner. “They’re (the interrogators) are their own worst enemies. … The person who is most likely to stop the detainee from cooperating is yourself – your lack of knowledge or ignorance about his situation, his motivation, background and culture.

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“(Camerino) Torture is something that will always be debated and most likely will not end in our lifetime. The reason it keeps going on is that the location where they take place have immunity, one of the biggest locations where this happens is Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo Bay detention center, the result of America’s War on Terror, has sparked several international outcries over the years. Opened January 2002 by the Bush administration, it is used to hold those suspected of being a terrorist or those with connections to al-Qaeda or the Taliban (Fetini). It is located in Cuba on land that was leased to the U.S. for coaling and naval stations in 1903 , and remains the only U.S.

naval base in a communist country. (Fetini) Barack Obama campaigned for and continued to push Congress for Guantanamo’s closure, but his efforts were in vain. The Bush administration had many good reasons for opening Guantanamo, but Obama recognized that it is an overall detriment to America. Guantanamo Bay, though started with good intentions, only highlights America’s negative side. Marine Major General Michael Lehnert, who played a significant role in the opening of Guantanamo, has drastically changed his opinion and said that it, “Validates every negative perception of the U.S.” (Sutton). One example of this occurred in 2006, when President Bush justified the use of “physical coercion” (torture) during interrogations.

(Fetini) Some of these torture methods include isolation, beatings, sleep deprivation, and general abuse. Other tactics such as disrespect for Islamic symbols or sexual provocation are used to encourage stress in detainees. (“Taxi to the Dark Side”) These immoral methods led to an international outcry. It was later remarked that the Cuban territory upon which Guantanamo is located is being used as a “concentration camp” of sorts. Guantanamo and its unethical values are being recognized by nations around the world, displaying America in a bad light.

Another aspect of Guantanamo that received a strong reaction was the access that interrogators, psychologists, and psychiatrists working at Guantanamo have to detainees’ medical files. This allows them to target detainees individually, and is against medical ethics stated in the Geneva Conventions. Though this protocol has not been sanctioned by the U.S., it is “customary international law,” leading to increased opposition. In response to the unethical values at Guantanamo, Abdule Salam Zaeef stated, “A detainee in Guantanamo, however, is not even a person anymore. He is stripped of his humanity as each day passes” (Zaeef 18).

The methods being used at Guantanamo, both pertaining to medical ethics and interrogations, are unsuitable for any human being to have to go through. Unethical methods, however, are not the only thing that Guantanamo detainees have to deal with. They are also unprotected by prisoner of war statutes and are unqualified for the normal legal process. (Zaeef) President Bush tried to explain this by claiming that the base is outside of U.

S. territory, therefore exempting the prisoners from the U.S.

Constitution. He also stated that “unlawful enemy combatants,” his name for the detainees, were exempt from the Geneva Conventions. Internationally-accepted laws are being sidestepped or excused, leading nations around the world to feel as if the U.S. is just a bully, making exceptions solely for its benefit.

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