Bible 7, The Poetic Books

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Last updated: December 16, 2019
What are the five poetic books?
Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

What is a poem or song to be sung with a musical instrument and to be used as praise and worship to the Lord called?

What was Job’s big question for God after his sufferings?

Name one of the three messages god had for Job in chapters 38-42.
Trust Me; I am fair; Suffering helps people grow

According to the Song of Solomon, love in marriage takes what three forms?
Physical desires; emotional attachment; personal devotion

How many psalms are in the entire book?

What books did Solomon write?
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

Who told Job to curse God and die?
His wife

What is a short, wise saying?
A proverb

Who wrote at least seventy-five of the psalms?

How many books are in the division of poetry books that are grouped together in the Old Testament?

What book in the Bible says that everything in life is meaningless unless we fear God and keep His commandments?

What is the main topic of Proverbs?

Did God give direct answers to Job’s questions?
No, He answered his questions with a long list of questions for Job

The Psalms are divided into how many books?

According to Proverbs and James, how can we get wisdom?
By asking God

Of what did Job’s friends accuse him?

Who wrote most of the proverbs?

What does “Ecclesiastes” mean?
The preacher or teacher of the assembly

Did Job believe that he had done evil to deserve his suffering?
No, he believed he was righteous

Who wrote Psalm 90, the oldest psalm?

Name one of the tests that God allowed Satan to give to Job.
Loss of wealth and loss of health

Ecclesiastes teaches what five things are meaningless?
Wisdom, pleasures, work, success, riches

What did Job’s friends advise him to do?
Repent of his sin

According to Proverbs chapter one, verses seven, what is the first step on the road to wisdom?
The fear of the Lord

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