Big in multiple formats.The topmost countries collecting data from

 Big data is thecollection of enormous informationfrom people for the fast growth of the companiesby selling the data to other companies or to use in the business andproviding the complete satisfying products and other information to thecustomers. The information collected is without their direct permission which comesfrom multiple sources and gathered in multiple formats.

The topmost countries collecting data from people are (Data Brokers)  Acxiom, Experian, Epsilon, Take 5 Solutions, Equifax, TransUnion,  Credit Karma,Datalogix, etc. They collect information from the people while they purchaseproducts in shops or online using a debit card or credit card,  tracking information from our social medialike facebook, twitter, Instagram and other sites.The data brokers collect thecomplete details like name, age, address, phone number, credit/ debit card number,income, e-mail Id, the interest of people and every minute thing about thepeople.

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It also includes likes and dislikes of people.They also know whether youare looking for a dog or a cat. They are watching all our movement to collectall our data.For example when you search on internet about the heart diseasesor diabetes medicine the data broker capture your details and sell that data tothe medicine companies.Later when you browse about anything you will get adsrelated to the medicine for heart diseases and diabetes.This means we arelosing the privacy.

One of the largest brokers, Acxiom, reported over$800 million in revenue in the last few year.On one side using data is good forthe customers because they get a satisfied goods and services from the buyersby knowing our tastes and interest while on the other side losing private details without the permissionof people is not acceptable.There are more chances to manipulate the data anduse it in a wrong way.The technology is increasing day by day which is necessary and the big data helps in reducingcrimes and other insecurities butcollecting personal data is still illegal.

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