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Abstract This is a bio-psychosocial based on a client that recently came seeking services for her family. Client has two children and originates from Ohio and now resides in New York Citys shelter system. Client initially seeking services voluntarily, requested early intervention, counseling housing and etc…. In the first part of the bio, I addressed the presenting problem and as well the developmental history of the client. The second portion is based on the argument of client and worker relationship.

I address the ulnerability of the client, empowerment of the family and the social work role to increase the service provision based on knowledge and skills. Freud was one of the first neurologists who develop the techniques to treat mental disorder patients based on his observation. He called this techniques psychoanalysis theory which is a theory attempt to resolve conflicts between unconscious and aggressive impulses and societal demands to restrain these impulses. Therefore Freud believed that psychodynamic theories emphasize unconscious motives and esires, as well as the importance of childhood experiences in shaping personality.In his belief, there are three level of awareness that demonstrate the psychodynamic theories which is the Conscious, the Preconscious, and the Unconscious.

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This awareness is associating with three personality components, the ‘d, the ego, and the superego. In these I will identify a client presenting issues on mental health, behavioral health and the psychosocial. The organization that services families with many programs available for children in the community to be engaged and have the omfort to be content.

The agency is well known for its numerous programs, preventive, after school and crisis intervention are only a few of the programs they offer. They are also well known for their charter school system. The main mission is to do whatever it takes to educate children and strengthen the family within the community. For my internship, I’m assigned to Development Program sites that focus on ability to engage families.

The site would receive referrals within the agency, schools, community and ACS. The site also services client that walk in seeking for advocacy, educational monitoring and many more.The site is a crisis intervention for ADPVO cases and preventive from ACS. After the referral is made or a client walk-in, the intake coordinator completed the intake and a caseworker is assigned, the worker task is to visit the family in their home and complete an assessment of the entire family.

As part of our initial assessment we assess parenting issues, family history, family strengths, education and to insure that the children are not at imminent risk nd that the family is appropriate for preventive services.As a caseworker, my role is to strengthen the family every way possible, empower the family and gives them resources that can benefit them by being knowledgeable of the issue that was a month to analyze home relationships to stay in collaboration with other organizations that the family involved with to get the most significant background information. This includes teachers, family members, health providers, community based organizations, and where appropriate, community residents.

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