Birth Control in over Populated Countries

In my opinion, birth control on over-populated countries is a good thing because normally these places don’t have the resources to give the newborns an appropriate life style. Sex education on these countries is necessary because the lack of information on the subject is one of the principal reasons why birth control is a global issue. People, especially in 3rd world countries, need to learn all the methods to avoid unwanted pregnancies and also, a very important thing that these people need to understand, is that they shouldn’t bring babies to the world if they don’t have the resources and the living conditions to maintain them.Over-population is a very big problem. It leads to many other issues because if a couple that lives in poor conditions have kids, these children will grow up to a very bad education, few job opportunities, and possibilities to turn to violence and crimes to survive.

And it’s a cycle because if they have kids, the story repeats itself. The worst part of this is that it’s unusual for these people to have only one child, they normally have a lot more. On the other hand, I completely disagree with countries that use abortion as a contraceptive method.In that cases I believe adoption is the proper choice. Birth control on over-populated countries is a very good and very necessary thing because as I said, it is a problem that brings along other big problems. In conclusion I believe that birth control in these situations is necesary as long as it doesn’t involve murdering, meaning abortion. The solution, in my opinion, is cleary education.

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That is what people need to begin to control the population issue in our world.

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