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Last updated: March 17, 2019

  BispageContent for Website Consultancy and Advice”Be Advisorsof Business to others — the What, Why and How we do?”Bispage empowers all business owners torefer, grow and capitalize on developing a website with periodic additions forprofits.

Bispage blends web designs with digital marketing to acquire qualitytraffic, meaningful engagements, and a steady ROI.We, at Bispage, look beyond the eyes of anormal entrepreneur. Founded in 2000, we have carved a niche of creativity, forstartups and giant business organizations. At Bispage, you become anestablished business owner with our expert consultations and advice. You, as a business owner or a corporate, can alwaysrely on us for immediate or a periodic piece of advice for setting up awebsite. Our expert team of professionals with top-notch ideas and effort helpsyou reap from what you would invest through a website.

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Bispage hasa defined process of developing smart websites and maintenances which helps youin the long run: ·        Effective Web Consulting and Strategy·        Stunning web & user experienced Designs·        Persuasive Content and Copy writing·        Focused Digital MarketingBispageWebsite Consultancy StrategyBispage a web-oriented website targets all therequirements of businesses ranging from small business owners to giants inbusinesses through helpful guides, tutorials, reviews, tools, etc.  We have formulated a strategy for websiteconsultation and useful advice as demonstrated below:Empowering& Caring— We work with helping hands to our clients to empower them withnecessary support and increased independence in website handling.Fair andInclusive—Bispage, assists you with developing social and economically for all startupsand expert corporate as well. WellConnected—Here we undertake a bold groundbreaking effort in making a website moreinnovative, creative and responsive.Belonging—Bispage, elevatesa client’s personality with qualitative and quantitative business tips forthem.

Our KeyCommitments·        Protect the website from vulnerable attacks in the online andoffline world.·        Prevent any website from being a source of misuse to falserecipients.·        Ensure a well-crafted business outlook.·        Prioritize the client’s requirements for a website as per the needand its performance.·        Improve and educate all business owners and start-ups withsufficient knowledge and tips.·        Develop a comprehensive strategy for assessing a client’swebsite’s performance and growth.

·        Deliver all services free of cost with initial newsletters orgrowth related news.ProbableFAQ’s about your website set ups·        Do I have enough expertise to make a website?·        Is the website design driven?·        Is my website generating conversions or leads?·        Am I getting quality traffic on my website?·        Is the website getting sufficient ROI?Testimonials·        Clients view us as a part of their team.·        Fire up all cylinders of innovation, inspiration and invigoratingcontent.·        Well-established strategies for website content generation andimplementation.

·        Helping our customer’s edge past their competitors in searches insearch engines like Google, Bing and many more.StepsAdopted by Bispage Consultancy ·        Plan a website strategy.·        Create website specific user personas.·        Build a clickable prototype or design wireframes.·        Gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative website data.·        Improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

·        Help you evaluate if you need a website rebuild.·        Fix common errors in a website.·        Map out the structure of your website with site mapping. What you Getfrom Us?·        User friendly websites·        Effective Client manager·        Trusted Appointment manager·        Update your existing website(s)·        Grow your business·        Expand your social networkBispage Consultancy HelplineBook now at BispageConsultancy for any inquiries, on making, maintaining or even updating awebsite at the address given below:Website: Email: [email protected], Mob: +91 907234 5199, +91 974 433 4479.Sites Referred       

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