Black History 6

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Last updated: April 23, 2019
Richard B. Fitzgerald
was an African American businessman & brickmaker & co_ founder, first president of Mechanics & Farmers Bank

Rickey Henderson
is baseball’s all time leader in stolen bases

Robert H. Lawrence, Jr.

was the first black astronaut, he died in a plane crash during a training flight & never made it into space

Robert L. Johnson
founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), first black_owned company traded on the New York Stock Exchange

Robert L. Johnson
in 2001 became the first black U.S. billionaire & the first black to be listed on any of Forbes world’s richest list

Ronald McNair
in 1986 he was the first African American to die in spaceflight

Rosewood massacre
was a violent, racially motivated conflict that took place the first week of January 1923 on Rosewood citizens

Rosewood, Florida
was the first black community to seek & receive reparations for the destruction of property and murder of its citizens

Sarah Boone
patented an improvement to the ironing board, it was effective in ironing the sleeves and bodies of ladies’ garments

Shawna R.


is the first female African American fighter pilot in the United States Air Force, she flies the F16 Fighting Falcon

Shirley Chisholm
became the first black woman elected to Congress in 1968.

Shirley Chisholm
was the first major party black candidate to run for President of the United States

Sidney Poitier
the first African American to win a Best Actor Oscar, for 1963’s Lilies of the Field.

Sojourner Truth
was a women’s rights activist, she is the first black woman honored with a bust (head & neck figure) in the US Capitol

Spelman College
is located in Atlanta, Georgia and is a HBCU for females

Susan McKinney
was the first African American female doctor in New York and the third in the nation

The Spingarn Medal
is awarded annually by the NAACP for outstanding achievement by an African American

Thirteenth Amendment
to the United States Constitution officially abolished & continues to prohibit slavery & involuntary servitude

Thomas J. Huddleston, Sr.
was a entrepreneur & founder of the fraternal organization Afro American Sons & Daughters

Thomas L. Jennings
was the first African American to hold a patent, for a dry cleaning process in 1821

Thurgood Marshall
became the first African American to be appointed to the Supreme Court in 1967

Tiger Woods
was the youngest & first African American to win the Masters & to date the highest paid athlete in the world

Timmie Rogers
starred in the first all African American television show aired on CBS in 1948

Todd Duncan
in 1945 he became the first African American member of the New York City Opera

Toni Morrison
was the first African American to win the Nobel Peace prize for literature.

Tony Dungy
is the first African American coach to win a NFL Super Bowl, it was Super Bowl XLI

Triple Nickle
aka “555th Parachute Infantry Battalion”, they became history’s first military smokejumpers in 1945

Triple Nickle
was an all black Airborne unit of the United States Army during World War II

Tulsa race riot of 1921
whites bombed & killed thousands of blacks by what many considered over jealousy over their succesful town

Tuskegee Airmen
were the first all black military pilots in the United States, they fought in World War II

Tyler Perry
born Emmitt Perry, Jr.on Sept. 13th 1969, a black American actor, director, playwright, screenwriter, producer & author

Tyler Perry
In 2009, Perry was ranked by Forbes magazine as the sixth highest paid man in Hollywood

Tyler Perry Studios
the first Black TV & film studio in America it hosts the sitcoms, “House of Payne” and “Meet the Browns”

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