When reading Anglo-Saxon poetry, how does recognizing historical context help a reader understand why certain things occur?
a.It gives the reader clues about the situation in the time period in which it was written.

Which of the following characteristics shows that “The Wife’s Lament” is a fitting example of Anglo-Saxon poetry?
a.a lyric quality

What initiated the wife’s exile in “The Wife’s Lament”?
b.a plot by her husband’s kinsmen

What words or phrases help you to recognize the historical context of the line? weary-hearted lord

What literary characteristics are used in the following quotation from “The Wife’s Lament”?

In “The Wife’s Lament,” the wife assumes her husband is now
d.melancholy, as she is.

The purpose of a caesura in a line of Anglo-Saxon poetry is to
c.indicate a pause for breath.

The speaker in “The Wife’s Lament” says:

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