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Last updated: May 8, 2019
Types of Sources

Tertiary Literature
Textbooks, ArticlesContain established factsOrganized so they are time-efficient

Tertiary Advantages
Most common usedEasy to useLarge amount of info in one sourceProvide review of literature by expert in fieldProvide summaries and comparisons of drug info

Tertiary Disadvantages
Human bias, Error in transcription, incorrect interpretation, lack of expertiseInfo can be outdated quicklyInfo can be incompleteIf draw on other tertiary info can perpetuate incorrect info

Use of Tertiary Sources
General Info on ProductsAvailabilityDosing/AdministrationIndicationAdverse ReactionsDrug Identifications/Interactions

General Tertiary Resources
Physicians’ Desk ReferenceMicromedexDrug Information HandbookLexicomp AppClinical PharmacologyUpToDateDynaMed

Physicians Desk Reference
Print, Free OnlineFDA approved info onlyUpdated annuallyMany versionsNot complete listingNot Referenced

ExpensiveReferencedExtensive patient education infoOn Lewis Library

Drug Info Handbook
Print, App, OnlineEasy to useInexpensiveNot ReferencedOn Lewis Library

Lexicomp Complete Mobile App
$285/yearDrug Interaction CheckerMedical CalculatorsAdult and Pediatric Patient Education

Clinical Pharmacology
Similar to Lexicomp and MicromedexNot available through Lewis Library

Comprehensive Evidence-Based Clinical InformationHas guidelines, opinions, usual practice on diagnosis and treatmentNot on Lewis Library

Similar to UpToDateOn Lewis Library

Secondary Literature
References that abstract primary literature and direct user to primary literatureSummarized study in one paragraph

Almost all databases that are used currently are ____ services

Provides a brief description of info in article in addition to citation

Availability of Secondary Literature
Hardcopy – MonthlyOn-line VendorsInternet Access

When should Secondary Resources be used?
When tertiary sources fail to answer drug info questionWhen time limits primary literatureTo update tertiary resource info

Limitations of Secondary Resources
Time to learn efficientlyLag timeNot enough info in abstract to assess quality of study

Secondary Sources
BIOSIS PreviewsCINAHL PlusCochrane LibraryCurrent Contents ConnectEMBASEInternational Pharmaceutical AbstractsMEDLINEWeb of Science

BIOSIS Previews
6000 SourcesUpdated WeeklyIn Lewis Library

In Lewis LibraryCoverage in nursing and 17 disciplines

Cochrane Library
Systematic ReviewsMeta-analysisIn Lewis Library

Current Contents Connect
Published WeeklyIn Lewis LibraryBroader than PubMed or BIOSIS

Similar to MedlineUpdated weeklyNot in Lewis Library

International Pharmaceutical Abstracts
Abstracting SystemIn Lewis Library

Update 4x WeekCovers 1966-PresentIn Lewis Library

Web of Science
In Lewis LibraryContains Science Citation Index

Primary Literature
Package Insert or Prescribing InfoOriginal Research Published in Biomedical JournalsCould be used to develop evidence-based medicine practicesRefereed is preferred over non-refereed

Peer Review
Detailed critique of manuscript by experts of fieldAlways know if journal is peer reviewed or not

Disadvantages of Primary Literature
TimeNot good source of general infoInfo may be biased by writerNeed to evaluate to determine applicability to patients

Alternate Sources of Drug Info
Local, State, National Professional OrganizationsGovernment AgenciesNewslettersPharmaceutical CompaniesInternet

Pharmaceutical Companies
Medical Info DepartmentRepresentatives-Not always trained healthcare providerMedical Science Liaisons-Trained healthcare provider

When is the Internet a good first resource?
Fast-breaking newsInfo not found anywhere elseOther sources unavailableInfo by governmentsCompany specific info neededFind/Contact Experts

Search Engines
Database of web page files for websites that are compiled by browsersSometimes called web crawlersNo one search engine can search entire web

Tips for Searching Internet
Word OrderSearch from specific to generalRead search tips from search engine

Evaluating Information of Internet Site
CredentialsInfo in reference easily accessibleWho sponsors the site?What is the purpose of this website?

Code of Conduct of Health on Web
Health on the New Foundation – 1995 – SwissGuide persons to useful / reliable infoChecks site based on 8 principles

HON Code Principles
AuthoritativeComplementarityPrivacyAttributionJustifiabilityTransparencyFinancial DisclosureAdvertising Policy

Reliability Ladder
Traditional SourcesReliable internet sourcesSpecialized search engineSpecialized internet subject directoryGeneral Internet Search Engine

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