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Blood is a body fluid that has major functions in the body like transport, protection and regulation, making it possible for life to go on. Blood is composed of properties such as the formed elements and plasma. The plasma is the liquid part of the blood that consist of water with many substances dissolved in it, all the chemicals needed by the cells to stay alive example nutrients, oxygen and salts have to be brought to them by the blood. Nutrients and salts are dissolved in the plasma, oxygen too but by a small amount as most of it is carried by the red blood cells as oxyhemoglobin.

Wastes that cells must get rid of are dissolved in plasma and transported to excretory organs.Hormones and other regulatory chemicals that help control cells activities are also dissolved in plasma. It also contains proteins that help thicken blood, antibodies to protect from infections and proteins that help in blood clotting. The formed elements include red blood cells (help in transporting gases example oxygen from the lungs to other cells of the body),white blood cells that provide defense and platelets that help in blood clotting.Breathing helps to bring in oxygen and take out carbon dioxide, and once oxygen is inside the body it is transported by blood, but also blood helps to transport carbon dioxide to be taken out. Furthermore life cannot exist without oxygen even for a few seconds,Therefore forgiveness of sin is associated with blood because blood is very important for the body and so is breathing, both being elements of life.

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The cardiovascular system () and respiratory system(), work together to circulate blood and oxygen throughout the body. Both of this system working together makes the body’s oxygen system that takes oxygen to the working muscles,It works in a cycle. The main workers are the heart, blood and lungs. Through respiration, Air moves in and out of the lungs through the trachea, bronchi ,bronchioles upto the alveoli(where exchange of gases happens), and the capillaries carry the oxygen through red blood cells to the heart, which then transports it to the other parts of the body, and carries carbon dioxide from the muscles which diffuses in the capillaries and carried as de-oxygenated blood back to the heart and then to the lungs, and through respiration carbon dioxide is taken out.

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