Bluetooth to the 2M PHY, Bluetooth 5 contains two

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Last updated: July 26, 2019

Bluetooth 5 came tomarket just over a year ago. It was announced by the executive director ofBluetooth SIG that the new device would revolutionized the iot. The latestversion of the Bluetooth 5 has much advantages compared to the Bluetooth 4.3technology such as longer range, higher speed and extended support forconnectionless services.

According to market surveys, the Bluetooth will beused in more than one-third of all installed IOT devices by 2020. Typical IoTarchitecture has mainly physical, communication, software and applicationlayers. Bluetooth is acting as a communication protocol, which enables devicescommunicate each other wirelessly.The Bluetooth 4.

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xgeneration only supported 1Mbps PHY rate, but Bluetooth 5 generation deviceshave the caliber to support both 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps PHY rates. The also leads todouble the data transfer between two devices and the studies shows that thecurrent consumption is also very low compared to older versions of Bluetoothdevices. This improvement effect on the time spent in low-power sleep modes inIoT devices. The fabulous thing is that Bluetooth 5 devices has the backwardcompatibility which provide support to the Bluetooth 4 devices to perform wellin IOT.Bluetooth 5 has thecoverage area by four time than the Bluetooth 4 devices.

This means it cancover a whole house or a building or it can be use in outdoor or commercialapplications and IoT becoming a reality for those areas with the new inventionsof Bluetooth 5. In addition to the 2M PHY, Bluetooth 5 contains two additionaloptional PHYs called LE Coded PHYs. This code uses slightly different packetformat and it increases the Rx sensitivity which leads to improve the coveragerange. LE Coded PHYs has a forward error correction(FEC) and Pattern Mapper. Itapplies the FEC methodology to correct bit errors upon reception of the packetand after a pattern mapper is applied to the packet to improve the efficiencyof the communications. The Bluetooth 5 is defined to be +20dBm, while in theBluetooth 4 is to be +10dBm.

This increases the Tx power by 10x and it shouldimpact on the coverage range.One improvementregarding advertisement(beaconing) is the advertising data sets feature, whichallows a single Bluetooth 5 device to send out multiple individual advertisementsdata sets with unique intervals and advertisement data. The new Bluetooth canalso determine a scan request made by a remote device and report to theapplication level. The next improvement is that the three advertisementschannels which were using in Bluetooth 4 is there in the Bluetooth 5 forbackward compatibility, but the Bluetooth 5 devices can use remaining datachannels as secondary advertisement channels to broadcast more data whichimproves the capacity of the channel. Another improvement is that Bluetooth 5introduce a periodic advertising. It allows the transmitter to send outchanging beaconing data periodically and with a fixed interval may receiverscan listen to itBy simple Bluetooth 5contains many robust features and improve the wireless standard feature. TheBluetooth 5 enabled phones are expected to arrive on the market during 2017 andit need some time to mature on IoT.

More companies are already build chipswhich support Bluetooth 5 and it will be a biggest thing waiting to happen inthe feature.

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