Book at least some land features that have been

Book forNASAPermission &support by  Narayana  concept school tpt-abpTirupati                                                                                                         FOREWORDOur team has decided to make Mars as same as Earth. Mars is a terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere, having surface features reminiscent both of the impact craters of the Moon and the valleys, deserts, and polar ice caps of Earth. Mars can easily be seen from Earth with the naked eye, as can its reddish coloring.           The moon, which causes high and low tides on the Earth, is a sphere. It does not change its shape; only our views of it changes. The reason is that unlike the stars, the moon does not produce light, but only reflects the light of sun since moon goes around the earth once in a month orientation of the moon the sun and earth respective to one another changes.

For this reason, the illuminated part of the moon cannot always be seen clearly from the earth. Sometimes we see it full. The side of the moon that faces us remains the same. We can see the craters and dark spots on the moon, which are known as mares.

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..       Mars is called the Earth’s ‘little brother’ because among all the planets of the solar system it resembles the most. Our neighboring planets rotate at the same speed as the earth. It means that one day on Mars is approximately the same as in the earth. Mars has seasons too.

Even the landscape is similar to earth the Mars landscape is dry rock surface is coated with red dust.   Traces of water and at least some land features that have been shaped by water have to be discovered. The highest mountain of solar system, 26KM height volcanoes Olympus Mons, is on Mars, even the rocks on Mars are similar to the once found in the earth. We know this because small robots such as the sojourners sent to Mars have sent back reports to its surface.       Book developed membersSloe NAMES CLASS1. SHAIK ABDUL HASEEB IX2.

GUDIPALLI SAI RAHUL IX3. CHINTHALA NITHIN REDDY VIIIPrefaceThe name of our project is Titan. This settlement consists of a torus and a sphere. In addition to this settlement, we have also planned to construct a mini-settlement for the additional purpose. About which we are going to further discuss (new generation). We are going to create artificial gravity and atmosphere through detailed and well-explained formulae.

As same as our house earth. Transportation of people done by Skyline (spaceplane).The Skyline is made up of ion engines. We have created atmosphere, the environment which is similar to the earth. We have decided to build robotic houses, industries, and new architecture.

We decided to make artificial clouds to precipitate rain through detailed and well-explained formulae. The soil is the main source of everything. Providing people with food is another problem. We can grow plants by hydroponics, Geoponics, IMEC methods. Irrigation by artificial soil through detailed and well explained in this project. We can destroy asteroids by process of Nuclear weapon, kinetic impact, Solar sails, Gravitational tractor, and steam it etc….

.. It is also important to contact with earth. Also on Earth, we are going to use Parallella – the supercomputer in the ground stations arranged by us on Earth.ACKNOWLEDGMENTWe would very much like to thank NASA AMES-Research center and NSS for providing this golden opportunity of proving ourselves and the focus of public attention and give our support towards living in space. We also would like to thank our principal Mrs.

Tulasi mam who was the first to tell us about NASA’s brilliant project idea on space settlement and also help us accomplish it. We would like to thank our co-helpers, teachers, and parents.   What is space settlement? (Image taken from Google)       The two most common in helping of the establishment of colonies are survival of human development and the biosphere in case of a planetary disaster, and the availability of extra resources in space that could enable expansion of public society. No colonies have been built so far in space. Presently, the building of a space colony would present a lot of huge technological and economic challenges. Space settlements would have to provide for nearly all the material needs of thousands or lakhs of humans, in the environment in space that is very unfriendly to human life.

They would involve technologies, such as controlling ecological life support systems that have yet to be developed in any useful way. On the technological front, there is ongoing progress in making access to space cheaper and in creating automated manufacturing and construction techniques.Need of space settlement (Image is taken from Google)       Now a day’s population is increasing day by day.

The technologies are increasing rapidly. And also increase in global warming and natural disasters so we are not secure on the earth. We cannot anticipate such natural disasters like tsunami, volcanic eruption, and earthquake etc., Now a day pollution is also increased and the ozone layer is getting more damaged. We should make something to control such problems.

The human settlement of space is a main cause that needs the attention to enhance the state of being prosperous for all people and make use of the available in large quantities resources of outer space and to fulfill the operate and control the direction and speed for discovery and exploration, which is an inborn human quality at the core of progress and thriving civilizations to ensure the survival of human civilization and the biosphere, and protect them from natural and man-made disastersOur double torus space settlement: 

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