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Last updated: March 17, 2019

BouncerServices:Sivdan securityservices provide better quality security services in Jaipur. We at sivdansecurity services provide all kind of civil security guards, such as Bouncers,Gun Man, Lady Guard, and Ex-serviceman. We provide the bouncer service atdifferent areas, such as Hotels, Colleges, Residential Apartment, ConstructionsSides and Industries.Responsibilitiesof a bouncer: The duties of ourbouncer security guard are to check the individual on entry, individual’s age,searching weapons, any drug before the entrance and to deal individuals withirregular (forceful) conduct. Bouncers  are utilized at the spots where the strengthof the group is high and utilization of liquor is permitted. Bouncers don’t dobattle with the forcefulness and arguing individuals, however, they attempt todetermine their concern and keep them far from the security territory.

Hirea bouncer:To hire bouncer inJaipur and in some other area the checking (for truth) procedure of bouncermust be done before contracting a bouncer. The nature of the bouncers is verycool and quiet, they don’t wind up (in an obvious way) forceful on anyone. Theymostly keep their habit/desire of security benefits high at their differentdistrict. We have experience bouncers that can take responsibility of any typeof security services at any function.Experienceand Selection of bouncers:We give carefulconsider the prior preparing of the bouncers they may need to manage safetyefforts and weapon taking care of. We do finish the check of bouncer beforeenlisting any bouncer, that they should be all around acted, physically fit,very much prepared under troublesome circumstances and accomplished so they canmanage to confuse circumstances. After every one of these claims, we pick our staffthat is the reason our staff is experts, prepared and experienced in dealingwith unordered group.

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The cost of bouncersdepends upon the arranging and the region for such security need. Much of thetime the bouncer is seen as used for the whole day and does not get theopportunity to work elsewhere.We know all the safety dimensionsof the city, so we follow the guidelines of the functions and the safety is tobe kept at its best so that no one get harmed and in any issue.  

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