Brexit with the European Union. Jeremy Corbyn described

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Last updated: May 26, 2019

Brexit is the expectedwithdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, initiated by thereferendum in June 2016.On 29 March 2017, the Article 50 of the Treaty on theEuropean Union was invoked by the UK government. The UK will abandon the EuropeanUnion on 29 March, 2019, but many people believe this process could take longer.

Article 50 gives any European Union member state the possibility to quit andoutlines all the procedures, which are obligatory. Theresa May, the PrimeMinister supports Brexit, because in her opinion Brexit is that what people reallywant. On 13th December, 2017, conservative rebels backed anamendment to Theresa’s May bill over “parliament’s right to a meaningful voteon the Brexit deal”. They voted against the leader. The voters included DominicGrieve, Nicky Morgan, Anna Soubry and Heidi Allen.

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The government had lost by309 votes to 305. The victory was hope for MPs who are pro-UE because they hopefor closer relationship with the European Union. Jeremy Corbyn described thisas “a humiliating loss ofauthority for the government on the eve of the European Council meeting” and healso added  “Theresa May has resisted democratic accountability. Herrefusal to listen means she will now have to accept parliament taking backcontrol.

”  On 7thJanuary Theresa May has taken part in a TV programme where she also spoke aboutBrexit. She said she would reach an agreement with the UE by the end of March.TheEU rejected all negotiations concerning fishing quotas in the seas around theUK for the proposed to 2 after Brexit. This is the result of Michael Goveclaiming that “the UK would take back control of its waters after Brexit”. TheCommon Fisheries Policy gives member states fishing rights between 12 and 200nautical miles of the UK’s coastline. Jeremy Corbyn have also said that theUnited Kingdom can not stay a member of the single market after Brexit. Theissue disappointed some pro-European Union MPs.

His comments resulted infrustration.”It takes two totango”- said Philipp Hammond at the conference in Berlin in January.  The chancellor is claiming that there is alittle signal from the European Union about future cooperation between theUnited Kingdom and the EU. “Both sides need to be clear about what they want”-he said.On 10th January there was announced a petition to quit theEU immediately and more than 132,000 people have supported it. The issue mustbe discussed by MPs on 22th January, because it got more than 100,000supporters.

 On the next day, 11thJanuary Nigel Farage announced that the United Kingdom maybe should hold asecond Brexit referendum, because the result was 52% to 48, but the PrimeMinister, Theresa May, said, that “a second vote would undermine trust indemocracy and amount to betraying British people”.  The proposition was greeted with joy byani-Brexit campaigners. Pro-Eu campaigners like Nick Clegg supported the ideaand said that the result might be different this time. A lot of people agreedwith him, but the oppositionists said that he should not be so confident ofwinning. Michael Barner who ich the EU’s negotatior, decided that he wants tomeet MPs, including conservative rebels.

 They met on Monday, 15th January 2017 in Brussel. Thedelegation was led by Conservative MP Anna Soubry.  He also said that he will not accept theproposition that the UK should stay in single market. Chris Leslie and StephenDought have also taken part in the negotiations.

The Labour leader said the UKcan not stay in single market it it is not a member of the UE. Corbyn also said”The single market is dependent on membership of the European Union”.Nevertheless, it was also said that Norway, Liechteinstein and Iceland also were members of single market whichproves that the assertion was not correct and that “there is no reason why theUK, if we leave, should not have that kind of relationship”. Corbyn also saidthat his party “was not supporting or calling for the second referendum” andthat “what they called for was a meaninungful vote in parliament and that isthe one area that I think parliament has asserted itself just in the vote beforeChristmas”.  According to the Scottishgovernment forecast Scotland would lose up to £16bn a year, this would be the result of leaving the EU.

Contrastively, according to the forecast, staying in the European Union couldresult in the UK economy growing. Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish first ministersaid that their preference is to remain a member of the EU and stay in thesingle market. She also said, the coalition of the opposition parties would bethe best choice and not the second referendum. Angel Gurria, who at first was not a supporter of the Brexit, told, thatBrexit should happen “as smooth as possible”, but in his opinion it is alsovery important to stay in contact with the European Union.  He also said: “There is a nearness and acloseness, 40 years of living as part of the same family. That doesn’tdisappear with the stroke of a pen or because of a referendum”. In his opinion,history and geography are also important factors which prove that the EuropeanUnion is an important partner for the United Kingdom in trade and that this cannot be changed at all and that “The City of London is always going to be thereand will continue to be important”, said Angel Gurria. At the same conference,David Cameron, the former Prime Minister was heard speaking that “the EU referendumresult is turning less badly than we thought, the Brexit is a mistake, not adisaster”.

He said that during the conversationwith Lakshmi Mittal, an Indian steel magnate. He also said, “the process isstill going to be difficult”. He gave a comment like this because he heard thateveryone was talking about the Brexit. Such comments can easily provokeanti-Brexit MPs. 

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