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Bridges areimmensely important. Just like the Assumption bridge, which is known as the newbridge near the Lipatan. It was madefor transportation and to allow safe passage where it was previously notpossible. Furthermore, it was created for the convenience of the commuters forthis will allow them to easily reach their destination, just like going toschool, seek medical help and go to work without having to negotiate in a busy road.Also, the bridge connects the areas of both land and water so that vehicles andpeople can cross and perform their daily duties. The Lipatan bridge does not only connect the two barangays, but it alsoindicates the border line of the 2 villages.The Lipatan bridge, providing for bothpedestrians, cyclists and cars, gives a faster way for people who are in arush, or just looking for a faster and efficient travel.

Due to theseadvantages, the Lipatan bridge hasbeen a traffic-prone area. The probable realities in which has caused theconstruction of another bridge, beside the old Lipatan, a new bridge. It was called the Assumption bridge.According to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the new bridgeis finished in construction. Even so, it is still unusable to date. This isbecause of the given reason that cause the delay of usage of the said bridge. Toknow more about the given case, the researchers are to truly understand thecause and present the data to research, comprehend and recognize for thebenefit of the people who use the bridge.

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TheForeshore Freeway Bridge, known as Cape Town’s Unfinished Bridge, an incompletesection of Eastern Boulevard Highway in the city bowl of Cape Town, SouthAfrica. Conceive and designed in the late 1960’s, work began in 1970’s with thefreeway aimed to improve future traffic congestion in the city expected in theyears to come. However, due to budget limitation in city expenditure at thetime, the project was never completed and has stood in its unfinished statesince construction officially ended in 1977. While there has been muchspeculation in local press over the years regarding the freeway’s conclusion,the city council has yet to come to a decision regarding the matter. Thestructure has become somewhat of a tourist attraction over the years and isalso a popular movie and fashion shoot location (Williams, 2017).

On theother hand, Magueragday bridge is likethe Assumption bridge which are delayed in completion. Everyday many peoplecross these bridges. The 84-meter Magueragdaybridge connects Dagupan City and San Fabian town along the Pangasinan-La Union Road, had become uncertain after it wasabandoned by its contractors. It was demolished but there was no complete fundfor its construction.

The funding should have been secured before constructionbegan. It has an allocation of P45 million when it started construction inFebruary 2014, but it is only for the first phase of the project.Additionally,the Sinucalan bridge, which wasdemolished in 2013, is delayed because there was a change in the design of thebridge.

Like the Assumption bridge, there are technical problems on why thesebridges are not yet finished and functional. When the projects start, theproblems will pop up. Before these problems happen, the engineers andarchitects need to plan all the possible problems and work a solution to finishthe project on time.Furthermore,in the early federal suitcases in the United States, the country condemnedproperties for the construction of public buildings, aqueducts to supplydrinking water to cities (United States v. Green Falls Manufacturing Company,112 U.S. 645, 1884), and obtaining land in the north of St. Mary’s Falls canalin Michigan for the production of war materials (Sharp v.

United States, 191U.S. 341, 1903). The United States Congress desired to preserve and obtain thesite of the Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania but the Gettysburg ElectricRailroad Company that possessed some of the property in question contested thisaction. Ultimately, the Court pronounced that the federal government has theauthority to condemn property. (United States v. Gettysburg Electric Ry.

, 160U.S. 668,679, 1896). The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitutionstates that no private property shall be taken for public use, without suchcompensation and it was put into good use of the condemnation cases like thatagainst the Gettysburg Railroad Company.Based onthe official website of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), theconstruction of Assumption Bridge connecting Barangay San Jose and Del Pilar,City of San Fernando, Pampanga started last April 8, 2015 with an original dateof completion of July 10, 2016, yet the actual date of completion has a yearand a half delay which is March 25, 2017.

The DPWH updated the status of it to100% complete even though it is not yet fully functional because of the housethat is still established, until present, at the other end of the bridge.According to Article III, Section 9 of the Philippine Constitution (1987), aproperty of an individual cannot be taken for the use of the public if thereare no sufficient recompense. That’s why the government can obtain the desiredreal property as right-of-way, site, or location for any national governmentinfrastructure project through donation, negotiated sale, expropriation or anyother method of attainment as delivered by law (Republic Act No.

8974, Section3). Everyday, many people cross the Lipatanbridge. Students, teachers, cars and other people cross it to save time ratherthan looking for another route. Because of this, the bridge has becomecongested in traffic because of people wanting to use the bridge instead ofusing another route. Mugoro (2014) point out that transportation problems havesignificant effects on students’ school attendance such missing their firstperiods in the morning. The outcome of this is nonetheless an action of thegovernment, a project. The project was to create a bridge beside the old onerather than renovating it.

This may be because building a new bridge is cheaperthan renovating an old one. As the new bridge was underway, a technicaldifficulty was encountered. Since then, the new bridge remained unserviceableeven to date. The current state of the new bridge is already 100% finished but isstill not usable due to an obstruction on the other end.

For the clarificationof all, this paper is to find out this main problem in which has caused thebridge to be out of service and why this problem still hasn’t been resolved todate. The fundamental reason as to why the Assumption bridge is still unusable.To understand the main fault and clarify the sources of the said fault in orderto formulate a possible solution.

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