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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Brief summary of the article:Facebookis enhancing its news feed and the browsing experience in the social mediaworld to be very selective with the posts of family, friends and intereststaking priority rather than news posted by other brands or pages. It also focuseson filtering the news that is being posted from a trusted origin selected bythe users. Due to the increasing number of posts and news that are spreadwithout legitimacy and relevance.

As the origins of the news cannot be trusted,Facebook reached out to ask help from its users about the sources which theytrust in the form of a survey. Facebook is oneof the most widely used social media in spreading of genuine or fake news today.The survey’s intention is not to expose or punish the organization/individualwho posts fake news but to filter the news feed according to the user interestsfrom trusted sources. Mark’s aim is to improve and increase the experience ofusers news feed with trusted content so that the time spent on Facebook ismeaningful.A clear explanation of the ethical,legal, or social issue this article addresses:Themain concern for most people is being able to determine organizations which aretrustworthy.

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In order to deal with this problem, Facebook plans to make use ofpolls posted on company’s blog. The founder of Facebook, Zuckerberg believesthat preventing malicious news before it reaches audience is the way to go. Hisconcerns stem from the fact that Facebook was made to be a propaganda machineduring the US elections where in malicious news was clicked, liked and shared.Also, the fact that publishers are using sensational click-bait headlines tospread malicious news has raised questions on the ethical and social nature ofthe social networking platform.

My opinion on this issue based on thisarticle:TheFounder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg believes that improving news feed andposts will make authentic information reach every user. The user gets an optionto take in information which is of relevance rather than being dumped withentire feed. Also, by attempting to allow its users to validate authenticinformation from malicious ones, balance is attained on quality of news feedand ultimately there will be more of news from trusted sources.

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